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After many years of rapid growth, high definition television (HDTV) is now the standard in most countries around the world. While many people still use an old analog television with a digital tuner, falling HDTV prices are driving down their numbers. There are few good reasons to continue using an old television, especially when you […]

Sharp LCD TV

In the world today, there is a significant competition in the LCD TV market. All the top brands have their goals set to try and make their name shine as the best LCD TV producer. But one such competitor that has a strong chance of accomplishing their goal is Sharp. Sharp has been a major […]

Vizio LCD TV

In recent years, LCD TVs have become the more popular type on the market. The older tube TVs have disappeared from store shelves, and even plasma TVs are becoming less popular than they once were. Rising energy prices and concerns for the environment have driven demand for flat screens that use less power. Vizio manufacture […]


If you are in the market for a new 32″ LCD HDTV then you’ll be happy to know that this size is hottest size on the market right now for flat screen TVs. 32″ LCD HDTV’s are about the same size as the old 27 inch tube TVs. However these are widescreen TVs that have […]


With the ever-increasing technology where televisions are concerned, more and more people have found the need to move from their traditional television sets to a newer LCD HDTV so that they can take advantage of the advanced quality. However, if you do not know a lot about the LCD HDTV sets that are on the […]


Liquid crystal display televisions (more commonly known as LCD TVs) are known for providing bright, crystal clear pictures and a full spectrum of beautiful colors to the TV viewer, but less known is the technology behind the picture. Armed with that knowledge, consumers will be better informed when it comes time to make a major […]

Samsung LCD TV

If you want to purchase the leading type of flat-screen from the leading provider of the market, a Samsung Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) is your best choice. Start by checking out the circulars in your area stores, especially Best Buy. Look out for special deals, and get a feel for what’s considered the best price […]