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Refurbished Laptops

Laptops are considered by many students and business people to be essential for their study and work. In fact, laptops are so popular that they can be found in nearly every school and office building. The first laptops were so expensive that only the very rich could afford them, but sales of laptops have been […]

Quad Core Laptop

The processor is without a doubt the most crucial piece of hardware inside any computer. Everything your computer does could not be carried out properly without a working processor as it basically works as the brains of your computer. When a task is requested to be performed it will be completed by your computer’s processor. […]

Mini Notebook

Without a doubt, the most exciting computing product to appear in recent years has been the mini notebook. Sometimes called a netbook or sub-notebook, it is cheap and portable and definitely not a toy. It has many of the features of a regular notebook but falls short of its processing power. The growing popularity of […]

Touch Screen Laptop

The touch screen laptop has been creating a great deal of excitement in the computer industry lately. It has a touch sensitive screen that can be used in place of a keyboard and touchpad. Some manufacturers have gone as far as using touch screens and nothing else. The touch screen laptop is often called a […]

Barebone Laptop

A barebone laptop is one that is one that is built from various parts at a computer shop as opposed to purchasing a mainstream computer at a national retailer. You have to purchase the processor, hard drive, memory and other hardware on your own. There are many do it yourself kits out there that help […]

Notebook Computer

In the past few years, the notebook computer has gone from being an executive toy to the most popular type of computer sold today. For anyone looking to buy a new computer, a notebook is now a good alternative to a desktop machine. They can perform almost every computing task required of them and there […]


In the past few years, a new type of personal computer has been creating a great deal of excitement. The netbook is a small notebook that is used mostly for email and web browsing. Some manufacturers call them mini-laptops or sub-notebooks but netbook is the most commonly used term. They are not as powerful as […]

Business Laptop Computer

A business laptop computer is designed for business people and students who travel frequently and need to work away from their desks. They are normally used for writing letters, editing spreadsheets, sending emails, and making presentations. The internal components are usually less than cutting edge because business software is not that demanding. They typically have […]

Apple Laptops

Apple laptops come in a variety of shapes, sizes and features, each with its own price point. To choose the right one, one must determine his and her needs and the price range. Each Apple laptop has its own range of capability, memory size, monitor length and more. Some people will only require barebones systems […]

Laptop Computer

With the ubiquity of laptop computers today in every school, office, and coffee shop, it is hard to imagine that laptops were once considered a niche market and thought to only be useful in specialized applications such as for use in military field operations or by the IRS or traveling salespeople. Though that might have […]