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Laptop RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a fast type of computer memory used for the temporary storage of data. Several sticks of RAM can often be found next to the processor on the mainboard. The RAM holds the data that the software running on the processor needs to use frequently. RAM is essential for avoiding delays, […]

Laptop Hard Drive

Are you planning to buy a laptop? If you are, then knowing where to look for isn’t really the problem. You could check out online malls and auction websites, visit the nearest computer and accessories store, read ads from newspapers, etc. and I’m sure you’ll find the brand you’re looking for…whether brand new or refurbished. […]

Wireless Laptop Card

With the current technology in place, you have the opportunity of working from anywhere. This is through the efforts put in to bring about wireless workflow enabled laptops. The compatibility of AT&T in the beginning with most of the window-based systems and laptop-connect cards has promoted the mobile working and accessibility to customers and office […]

Laptop Memory

Many people seek to upgrade the memory in their computers to increase the speed and effectiveness of the machine. For a desktop computer it is rather simple and there are usually four slots to install the memory. A laptop is a bit different, however, and you will most likely only have a couple of slots […]

Laptop Processor

A laptop processor, just as in a desktop computer, is the central processing unit (CPU) or the brain center of the notebook computer. There are two main types of laptop processors on the market: Intel and AMD. Each company makes several processors and each one has its own pros and cons. In order to choose […]

Laptop Cooler

Laptops are extremely convenient inventions. Not only do they allow us to take our computer projects from work to home, they allow us to take them practically anywhere. Now days, almost everywhere you go you are sure to run into somebody working diligently away on a laptop. People work on trains and buses, in coffee […]

Notebook Memory

Why go out and buy a new notebook when you can just upgrade the memory to make it faster and have more space? It only takes about 5 minutes to upgrade your notebook memory. It is really not that hard to do and almost anyone can do it. All you have to do is figure […]

Wireless Laptop Adapter

If you are on the road a lot or travel across the country on a regular basis, you are probably struggling with connection issues for your wireless laptop. You need a wireless laptop adapter to help you get and stay connected. When connecting to the internet, a wireless laptop adapter that is dependable and can […]