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DVI KVM Switch

KVM switches are needed whenever there are two or more computers that are connected and are sharing peripherals. They first began to be use these switches in the 1980s. There is much dispute over who actually invented the KVM switch. KVM is the acronym for “Keyboard, Video, Mouse.” In the beginning these switches were basic […]

USB KVM Switch

A USB KVM switch can be useful for those who want to be able to connect and control multiple computers with just a single device. Although in the past a lot of these have been PS2, the more modern ones run on USB and therefore they are much faster and more efficient. You will find […]

KVM Cable

Computers are cheap and plentiful these days, unlike in the past when owning one was considered a status symbol. Some people have a need to use many computers at the same time, either for their work or hobbies. To avoid being overwhelmed by peripheral devices, they use a KVM switch to control the computers with […]

Dual Monitor KVM Switch

One of the more unusual computer peripherals is the KVM switch, which stands for keyboard, video, and mouse switch. Few computer users would have ever used a KVM switch or even seen one for that matter. The dual monitor KVM switch is even more uncommon but that may be about to change. Dual monitor setups […]

KVM Extender

A Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) device connects the keyboard, monitor and mouse to more than one computer. KVM extenders are part of a family of accessories that include switches and hardware for remote use, sharing or training. KVM extenders stretch out your set-up including keyboards and mouses. Longer distance KVM devices employ the use of […]

KVM Switch

Desktop computers can be found in most homes and offices today, and it is not uncommon to find people using several computers at the same time. There are many demanding tasks that require more than one computer, such as creating 3D graphics. To have a separate keyboard, mouse, and monitor for each computer is expensive […]