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HTPC Keyboard

Computer use may be done for entertainment purposes or for financial gain. Some individuals just enjoy surfing the web, listening to music, posting on forums, playing online games, and etc. Others may use the computer for work. In both cases, it is common for people to spend a lot of time sitting at the computer […]

Multimedia Keyboard

In the past, computer keyboards were simple gadgets used mostly for typing, but their size and capabilities have grown in recent years. The huge popularity of the internet and digital media has given rise to the multimedia keyboard, which is a regular keyboard combined with a media center and other special buttons. It allows applications […]

Touchpad Keyboard

Remember when the computer mouse first came out? Everyone moaned and groaned over the difficulty of operating it. Many people would have much rather just stuck to using their joystick as the computer mouse was too complicated. For a lot of people, the simple double-click feature took a long time to catch on. However, it […]

Illuminated Keyboard

For many computer users, there will come a time when they need to so some typing in a place that has poor lighting. It may even be during a blackout when they are trying to save files before the backup power runs out. Without proper lighting, typing is a difficult task which takes longer and […]

Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

In the past decade we have witnessed the birth and development of many advanced gadgets. Come to think of it, we have been “promised” way more futuristic devices and technologies than we can see in use. Although it was not possible to come close to what we had seen in the movies, we were introduced […]

Media Keyboard

Your typical keyboard consisting of 104 keys is now a thing of the past. A new wave of media keyboards have made way and have been getting a lot of attention. The reason for the popularity in media keyboards is mostly their versatility. There are a number of tasks that media keyboards can perform that […]

Backlit Keyboard

Gaming and multimedia keyboards alike are regularly designed with various lighting features. These lights (commonly LED lights) were mostly an addition as a way to add “bells and whistles” to make the product more attractive. The lights are not just a common feature on gaming keyboards though as they are commonly fund on multimedia keyboards […]

Flexible Keyboard

Computers are forever changing and becoming more advanced daily. When you think back to where computers were just a few years ago, it is truly amazing to see just how far technology has come. Trying to keep up with the latest and greatest computers, programs and accessories may seem simply impossible. You could get a […]

PDA Keyboard

A common feature available in most PDAs is the ability of wireless communication. Whether it’s through IR (Infrared), Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi, it can access other devices and attachments without wires to send and receive information. Palm and PocketPC PDAs are equipped with at least one of the three wireless communication methods. But how could […]

PS3 Keyboard

If you have a Playstation 3, then you will know that there is the option to use a keyboard when needed, instead of a controller. However, this can be very annoying, because the user has to keep switching between using the controller for game play and then switching back to a keyboard when typing is […]

Saitek Cyborg Keyboard

The Saitek Cyborg keyboard offers a rather impressive visual appeal and numerous intriguing features, but there are certain important factors that are lacking. For around $80 it would be considered a mid-priced keyboard, so there has to be something there to make it worth buying. So, lets just jump right into the details. Design – […]

Wireless Keyboard

A world without wires. That’s really the dream, isn’t it. And in the age where cell phones are increasingly becoming multimedia centers, wireless devices such as the wireless keyboard become increasingly valuable. There are many factors involved when purchasing a wireless keyboard and they include compatibility with your computer’s operating system, your budget, range in […]

Logitech Wireless Keyboard

For the flexibility to type anywhere, a cordless keyboard could be the way to go. These wireless keyboard devices are especially useful for board meetings, when you don’t want to mess with unwieldy cords. Wireless keyboards can add a touch of class to a workspace or the home, with their sleek designs and the absence […]

Ergonomic Keyboard

If you are a sufferer of wrist pain, you could have carpal tunnel. Symptoms include aching, burning, numbness or tingling of your palm, fingers, thumb or wrist. People who use repeated motions at the computer are at risk for this ailment, and if you are one of the afflicted you should consider an ergonomic keyboard. […]

Computer Keyboard

The computer keyboard is a necessary component of any computer. It performs certain important tasks for your computer. A computer keyboard has both internal and external parts. Some common keyboards are used by people today are the 101-key enhanced keyboard, 104-key windows keyboard, Apple’s 82-key standard keyboard and their 108-key extended keyboard. The internal parts […]

Gaming Keyboard

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on the computer playing games, then you might be interested in purchasing a gaming keyboard to help make sure that you get the most out of your gaming experience. There are a variety of different keyboards that have been designed with gamers in mind. It’s […]

Bluetooth Keyboard

Even if you not are someone who uses a lot of technologically advanced electronic equipment, you have probably heard about Bluetooth technology. After all, everything from televisions to cell phones has Bluetooth in them now, and it is something that is working to connect all of our electronic devices. Now you can take this one […]