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Irrigation Backflow Preventer

Whether it’s for a residential or commercial irrigation system, it’s important to have a backflow preventer. The reason is because in most places, having an irrigation backflow preventer is required by law. However, even if you don’t live in an area that legally requires you to have a backflow preventer, it’s still a very good […]

Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation system is potentially one of the best methods for watering your lawns, flower beds and gardens, especially where water conservation or regular droughts are a concern. The main working concept of a drip irrigation system, that has been effectively designed, is to ensure as little water as possible is lost through evaporation. […]

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

A well-kept lawn is a treat for the eyes, an asset in determining property value, and a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your property. There are a great many ways to maximize the health of your lawn. You could invest in fertilizer, expensive seeds, that claim to grow hardy grass, or even […]

Plant Watering System

Growing plants and flowers can be a wonderful hobby, and it can go a long way towards making your house and garden look prettier and alive. However, the problem with plants is how they require on-going care; otherwise it won’t be long before they lose their vitality. This can be a problem if you have […]

Solar Fountain Pump

Outdoor water fountains are a beautiful way to decorate your landscape. If you have a water fountain then a fountain pump is essential to ensure that your fountain works properly. Many have chosen to use a solar fountain pump as opposed to the traditional pumps. Solar fountain pumps allow you to provide power to your […]

Sprinkler Controller

A sprinkler controller is a useful gardening device that can save you money and allow you to water your garden more efficiently. The device allows you to control when the sprinkler is activated, and for how long it stays activated for. This will allow you to use only the necessary amount of water, and prevent […]

Water Hose Nozzle

The hose nozzle is an additional component to the standard hose. It is used to regulate the pressure and distribution of the water from the hose. Water hose nozzles are more commonly used for gardening purposes as they allow a more even and thorough water distribution. It can also be a beneficial tool to use […]