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iPod Boombox

An iPod Boombox allows you to take your music with you anywhere you want to go and still enjoy quality sound coming from larger speakers than the earphones that are normally used with Mp3 players. For those who enjoy listening to their music without the use of earphones, a boombox will allow you to enjoy […]

iPod Car Dock

An iPod car dock will allow you to make the music from your iPod more stationary. You can hook the dock up on your vehicle and enjoy your favorite playlists while you are driving or riding. Those who rely on their iPods for musical enjoyment will find these docks very beneficial. iPods can store thousands […]

iPod Headphones

If the current headphones you have for your iPod have failed you and no longer work, it will be important to look into what your options are with regards to getting a new pair. There will be a lot of different kinds of headphones to consider so you will definitely want to check out all […]

Wireless Earbuds for iPod

Wireless earbuds for iPod will help you to eliminate annoying wires while listening to your music when you are out and about. Earbuds are the type of headphones that fit inside the ear, not over the ear. You can freely enjoy your iPod in comfort when you have wireless earbuds for it. Hardly anyone will […]

Portable iPod Speakers

There often comes a time when you want to take your music on the road with you, but headphones aren’t always a good idea. You will also find that even the smallest home speakers, receiver/amplifiers aren’t particularly portable. However, there is a new breed of portable speakers that have come a long way with modern […]

iPod Adapter

iPod users who want to charge their device in the car will have to purchase an adapter. If you want to also listen to your iPod while driving, you will need to find a charger that also has an auxiliary port. Another option, a built-in jack, can be installed by the car manufacture in some […]

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is a personal music player and handheld computer. Unlike other iPods, it does not have the famous click wheel on the front. Instead, it has a large touch-sensitive screen that allows users to operate it with finger movements. The iPod Touch is also called the iTouch for short, and is often confused […]

Apple iPod Nano

These days, it would be difficult to find someone who is not familiar with the Apple iPod portable music player. In a short space of time, it has become a cultural icon of the modern digital age. The iPod brand is immensely popular with all types of people, and Apple has sold millions since the […]

iPod Shuffle Charger

The iPod Shuffle is the budget line of Apple’s famous family of personal music players. It is normally charged by connecting it to a computer but it can also be charged from a wall socket with an iPod Shuffle charger. A charger is one of those bland gadgets that gets overlooked until it is desperately […]

iPod Car Adapter

If you are really into music, you more than likely have an iPod portable music player. If you are old enough to drive, you will want to take your iPod with you so you can listen to music in your car while you are driving. For your iPod to work in your car so that […]

iPod Battery Charger

It’s hard to imagine life before the portable media player. And by portable media player, most people mean iPod. These handy music and video playing devices are so ubiquitous that their name has become a literal substitute for portable media player. You can bet that no matter what brand of portable media player a person […]

Apple iPod

The Apple iPod was not the first mp3 player but most people think they were due to the incredible marketing team at Apple. Most people use the term “iPod” to refer to any brand of mp3 player but there are many mp3 players available so what makes the Apple iPod brand so special? The ongoing […]

iPod Speaker

There is an iPod speaker for every lifestyle, from indoors to outdoors, from the office to the beach. Many of these speakers come with docking points that allow the iPod to charge while it is playing. Better yet, many of these devices come with remote controls. While it’s true that in inexpensive cable can be […]