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Carpet Steam Cleaner

Most homes and apartments have carpets. Even if you do not have children or pets you will still need to clean your carpets periodically. The best and most popular way to clean a carpet today is with a carpet steam cleaner. Steam cleaning is also referred to as hot water extraction. You can usually rent […]

Generac Pressure Washer

A Generac pressure washer is handy to have to use around the home or for commercial use. They are used all the time at construction sites. They range in power from 1900 psi to 3500 psi. Generac is one of the better brands to buy if you are shopping for a pressure washer and they […]

Karcher Pressure Washers

Pressure washers offer many benefits for consumers. Among the various brands that are currently on the market, Karcher is one of the most popular. A Karcher pressure washer provides you with quality in a number of different models. Whether you need a small electric powered pressure washer for cleaning up around the house or a […]

Carpet Extractors

The term carpet extractor is well-known in professional carpet cleaning circles however as a homeowner and an individual this may mean absolutely nothing to you. A carpet extractor is most likely to conjure up images of an appliance that would tear out old and worn carpets from any room in your house. In actual fact […]

Bissell Steam Mop

A Bissell steam mop is a useful tool to use to steam clean your floors at home. You can use the Bissell steam mop to clean all kinds of bare floors. Because of their design you are able to fill the reservoir with water which will be used to create steam. After only 30 seconds […]

Portable Dust Collector

Keeping your workspace tidy and clean is very important for safety purposes, especially when the workspace tends to fill up with lots of residue and dust from whatever technological process you work with. This is especially significant when talking about people who work in a woodshop and for whom dust poses a double threat of […]

Honda Pressure Washer

If you’re used to using a standard garden hose to clean around your home, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with a pressure washer. Not only can a pressure washer do a much more thorough job than a standard hose, but it can do so in a shorter amount of time. If you’re […]

Shark Steam Mop

Many innovative cleaning devices have been created in recent years to make various household chores such as mopping, vacuuming, and polishing floors less of a pain. For the chore of mopping floors, many convenient products have been introduced to the market. Steam mops have made up for a majority of the products that have become […]

Carpet Steamer

Carpets must be one of the most annoying things to keep clean in your home. They will collect and store dirt deep within the carpet fibers and over time and this can eventually lead to an accumulation of dust, mould or mildew. Unfortunately if you suffer from any allergies, these are more than likely to […]

Floor Polisher

A floor polisher is a device that allows you to clean floor surfaces such as those made from tile, wood, linoleum, granite, marble and stone as well as several others. This appliance often includes polishing brushes and buffing pads as well as pads specifically made for scrubbing. There are a number of different types of […]

Floor Machine

A floor machine, or floor buffers, is designed to scrub floors easily, making the job much easier on people who have to clean floors. Floor machines are most popular among janitors, who have to clean large spaces of floors very frequently, but they can be convenient for anybody who has to clean hard floors consistently. […]

Carpet Shampooer

It is impossible to imagine a home without carpets. Like furniture, they are an absolute necessity for making homes beautiful. However, unlike furniture, carpets are very troublesome when it comes to their maintenance. They need to be washed at least once every three months. Otherwise, they lose their luster and end up looking dirty and […]

Electric Pressure Washer

Electric Pressure Washers are designed to scrape dirt, grime and grit off of hard surfaces by shooting water at it. The high pressure they create shoots the water out at a very high velocity and it literally scrapes scum off of hard objects. Pressure washer can come in relatively small packs that you can carry […]

Electric Broom

Though they are called electric ‘brooms’, the fact is that these appliances do not work in the way a conventional broom would work. They do not need to be swept along the surface for removing dirt from it; on the contrary, they work more like vacuum cleaners. Just like them, electric brooms work with a […]

Steam Cleaner

With all of the focus on environmental cleaning products, there have been a lot of people who are turning to the use of a steam cleaner to try and get away from using aerosol cleansers and other harmful products. Although some of the steam cleaner models on the market do require you to use some […]

Electric Steam Mop

Cleaning floors is never any fun, especially mopping. You have to fill up a bucket with hot, soapy water, haul it to whichever room you want to mop, and then continue to squeeze the dirty water out as you mop the floor. It’s a lot of work, and few people seem to mop their floors […]

Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is an appliance that helps eject water at great pressures which is used primarily for washing purposes. The concept is similar to that of a garden hose, but the pressure that is provided by a pressure washer is significantly greater than that of a garden hose, most times from 15 to 50 […]

Laundry Equipment

There is a long list of laundry equipment that is commonly used by people all over the world. The equipment used depends on a variety of factors – the kind of clothes the people wear, the budget for laundry, the climate and water conditions of the region, the quantum of clothes, etc. Most households have […]

Hard Floor Cleaner

Many people don’t believe that there’s much they can do to keep their hard wood floors clean. Sure, they can sweep them or use a dust mop on them, but both of these methods simply sweep away dirt and dust—they don’t do much to actually clean stains or get grim up off the hard wood […]

Carpet Sweeper

A carpet sweeper is a mechanical or motorized device that is used to sweep carpets. They are dry cleaning devices, i.e. they do not need water for the cleaning. It can effectively remove crumbs, dirt, dust and other particulate matter from carpets and sweep them into a receptacle from which they can be emptied. They […]

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have been around since over a century now. They are considered to be indispensable units for housecleaning purposes. They are known for their convenience and efficiency. Running a vacuum cleaner over the surface to be cleaned will effectively remove the dirt and dust present in that particular area. Vacuum cleaners are known to […]

Carpet Cleaner

Carpets get dirty as we walk over them with our shoes that have brought soil from outdoors any anywhere else we may have been. If you live in a wet climate your carpets are bound to get dirty over time and if you have kids or pets the carpets will need to be cleaned on […]