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Home Theater Speakers

Up until the past few decades, if a movie lover wanted the total cinema experience, they were better off dressing up, getting in the car, and going to the movies. Sure it was more expensive than watching a movie on the TV at home, but televisions were small, their picture and sound offered an overall […]

Philips Home Theater System

Buying a Phillips home theater means that you will be investing in something that will last quite a while. There are millions of people around the world who trust the name Phillips because it is famous with electronics such as televisions, speakers, DVD players, and much more. One of the most important things to consider […]

Wireless Home Cinema

Wireless technology has been used for computing for many years now, so it was inevitable that it would end up being used for home cinema as well. A wireless home cinema does not completely eliminate the jungle of wires found behind the television, but it substantially reduces the number of wires and connections required. Wireless […]

Home Theater Amplifiers

While some people mix and match different devices, such as television screens, DVD players, speakers and more to create a home theater system, others prefer to purchase their home theater in a box. In either case, you may find that you desire an amplified and improved sound to your existing system. It is in this […]

Home Theater Subwoofer

A subwoofer is a kind of loudspeaker that recreates the bass frequency thereby enhancing the sound experience. The application area for subwoofers is car audio system, movie theatres and home theaters. It uses high power amplifier. To enjoy the latest technology sound system, you need equipment that provides full effect of sound. Sound effects produced […]

Home Theater

Home theaters offer consumers the home movie experience, and nowadways while ising high definition, Blu Ray technology for the best sound and images we have yet to see. Watch movies, sporting events and more like never before, and be the person with all the best parties — all it takes is a stellar home cinema […]

HD Entertainment Center

High definition (HD) has completely transformed the way we watch television. It provides superior picture quality and surround sound, and the widescreen format allows movies to be seen as they were intended. An HD entertainment center is essential to get the full benefit of this new technology. However, there are few complete centers available in […]

Home Speaker System

Audio hardware has come a long way since the days of record turntables. The typical home speaker system is now a complex arrangement of many components. Its main purpose these days is to create a surround sound experience comparable with that found in movie theaters. Getting the best possible sound out of a system depends […]

Sony Home Theater

To anyone who’s been buying consumer electronics for even a short period of time, Sony is not an unfamiliar name. Sony has been known to produce great electronic and digital products and some of its brands are thought to be among the best in their categories. All of us have stopped to admire the Sony […]

Home Audio Speakers

Putting your home audio speakers in the right position is one of the most crucial parts of setting up your home entertainment system. It’s a great experience when the speakers are placed just right and the sound can be literally felt and not just heard. The sound that we hear from our home audio speakers […]

Home Cinema Projector

If you want the best home entertainment system, consider getting a home cinema projector. This is one way to experience cutting edge technology in your home with exceptional video viewing. You can find these projectors where they sell LCD and HDTVs and they cost about the same as a HDTV. A home cinema projector projects […]

Home Audio Amplifier

When people say the world amplifier they are usually either referring to those big black boxes blasting sound on the concert stage or maybe the devices installed trucks that drive through cities blaring messages. While those are, of course, examples of amplifiers, amplifiers are actually all around us. In fact, if we did not have […]

Blu-ray Surround Sound System

Blu-Ray is about cutting edge as it gets right now when it comes to high definition viewing. But a Blu-ray layer is no good unless you have a speaker system to do it justice. Enter the big three when it comes to Blu-Ray compatible home theatre speaker systems: Sony, Samsung and Panasonic. Before delving into […]

Home Audio Receiver

Great strides have been made in home audio receiver technology. If your past time passion is to relax and listen to music, you will want to make sure you have the best stereo receiver sound system that is available today. This means that you should focus on purchasing a high quality receiver for your AM/FM, […]

Dolby Digital Surround Sound System

It goes without saying that new HDTV home theaters use Dolby Digital surround sound system technology. The Dolby noise reduction refines the sound quality that you hear so that it is crisp, clean and lifelike. The technology cleans up the signal it receives before it is produced for you on your television. This technology makes […]

Home Theater System

It wasn’t all that long ago that the term “home theater system” conjured up images of Hollywood movie moguls viewing private film screenings in their Beverly Hills mansions. But with the rapid expansion of electronic technology in the past few decades, more and more homeowners are able to boast of their own home theater systems. […]

Karaoke Player

So, you’re spending too much at the bar on karaoke night or perhaps they’ve kicked you out for your sub-par vocal stylings. Why not take the act home with you and purchase your own karaoke set? Not only are these great for group gatherings, they can be brought to parties, weddings, business meetings and other […]

Home Audio System

If you have a home theater system, you might as well say you have a home audio system too. That’s because the sound system is included with your purchase of a home theater system. You can spend as little as $200 or all the way up to the thousands of dollars for your home audio […]

Wireless Home Theater

With the advent of the wireless home theater, consumer can have the joys of home theater technology without the arduous task of managing multiple cables, at least from speaker to speaker (they still require power cords). But this isn’t all that’s good about these systems. As technology advances, prices will go down and more people […]

DVD Home Theater

A home entertainment center has the power to make your home the place to be for movie nights, Super Bowl parties, video game sessions and other social gatherings. If you can afford the expenditure, consider the following 10 most sought after DVD home entertainment center on the leading technology site, CNET.com. The Acer Aspire X1700-U3700A […]