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Wireless Driveway Monitor

Have you ever experience that sudden rush of panic and confusion that comes from unexpected visitors knocking on your front door? They have a habit of showing up at the worst possible time, usually when we are not ready to greet them. It can be a dreadful feeling that leaves you wishing there was some […]

Barking Dog Alarm

The barking dog alarm is one of the most innovative security systems to be introduced to the market in recent years. It is a very unique system that factors in the fear associated with barking. Many individuals that plan on breaking into a home will flee the area immediately if any barking is heard from […]

Alarm Dialer

An alarm dialer can best be described as a device that you are able to pre-program to automatically call one or more telephone numbers. This will typically be used in conjunction with a burglar alarm and can alert you in the event of an emergency. You can also record a message on to the auto […]

Home Alarm Systems

The very best way to keep your home and your family safe is by having one of the new home alarm systems installed. Home alarm systems are notorious for getting help to the home owner and family when they are experiencing a break in and need the help as soon as possible. Home alarm systems […]

Fingerprint Scanner

There are all types of fingerprint scanners on the market today. The police and FBI use them to identify criminals. The Department of Motor Vehicles uses a fingerprint scanner and now commercial and industrial businesses are now starting to use them for security sake. Even private citizens are using certain types of fingerprint scanners. Security […]

Thumb Scanner

ID scanners are becoming such a good solution for persons and businesses who need to scan ID cards on a daily basis. Since there are many various types of ID scanners, before purchasing one you need to take special consideration of several factors. Buying a scanner for ID application is not complicated, although buying the […]

Wireless Video Door Phone

We have all heard horror stories of someone becoming the victim of violent crime after performing an action as innocuous as answering their front door. A hit man in Atlanta used the guise of delivering flowers to gain access to a socialite and murder her in cold blood. Other clever criminals represent themselves as utility […]

Wireless Motion Sensor

Imagine you are home alone at night. You live in the country or a neighborhood without streetlights, so the darkness outside is almost absolute. Suddenly, though it is a calm night, you hear a noise outside. It could be the wind, but the weather forecast did not predict bad weather. You listen further and the […]

Home Security System

A home security system is now more affordable and easier to install than it has ever been in the past. Wireless technology have removed the need for wiring the various sensors to the control panel. Alerts can be sent to mobile phones by the system and they can even allow homeowners to see and hear […]

Digital Security Safe

Safes have been used for ages but the safes of generations past are not comparison for the safes of today. If you want a safe for your home or business that is easy to use and highly effective than a digital security safe is the way to go. This type of safe is not just […]