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Carbon Monoxide Tester

Carbon monoxide testers, also frequently referred to as ‘carbon monoxide detectors,’ are devices for detecting the presence of carbon monoxide within a home or commercial building. These testers are generally attached to an electrical outlet within the home, and will trigger an audio or video alarm in the event of elevated levels of the poisonous […]

Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

There are a multitude of health conditions that can form as a result of an oxygen deficiency. This is a life threatening issue which needs to be closely monitored if you are at risk of low oxygen levels. An oxygen deficiency monitor or alarm is the best way of making sure an oxygen deficiency is […]

Methane Gas Detector

A methane gas detector is an essential tool that is used to alert people to the presence of methane gas and can save lives. Methane gas is odorless and also extremely flammable. If you use natural gas in your home for heating and cooking then buying a methane gas detector would be wise. Methane gas […]

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas which has no color and odor and due to such characteristics it is almost impossible to detect the presence of carbon monoxide without using carbon monoxide alarms or detectors. Even a small amount of the gas can lead to serious health hazards as it accumulates in the blood and […]

Propane Detector

Propane is currently used in many homes throughout the world for a variety of purposes. Many people use propane for heat, water heating and even cooking. Although many measures have been taken to provide security for propane users, there is always the chance of a leak. The company from which you purchase propane likely has […]

Natural Gas Detector

One of the most common types of home energy sources is natural gas. Natural gas is supplied to your home via gas pipes that are installed underneath your home. If a gas leak may happen, it could cause serious damage to your home and even the people in it. To keep your family safe it […]

Heat Detector

A heat detector is a small device that detects changes in the temperature. Generally, heat detectors only set off alarms when the temperature gets too hot, not cold, thus the term heat detector. In some ways, a heat detector is like a smoke detector in that it can alert you to a fire. However, a […]

Thermal Leak Detector

It’s hard to miss the dire news lately. Carbon emissions from the world’s industrialized countries are leading to global warming. Global warming is causing wacky and insane weather that causes crops to fail, the polar ice caps to melt, and species to face extinction. The news seems grim. But luckily, there are many ways to […]

Home Safety Products

With a rise in residential crime, it is only understandable that there in an increasing demand for home safety products today. Several products are being designed specifically for use within homes, some of which are completely automated and will also call the local law enforcement agencies in case there has been some kind of a […]

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Inhaling carbon monoxide can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Once you are affected by the toxic gas, you will be sick and reach the point where you might need hospitalization. The worst effect that carbon monoxide could bring is death. In the United States alone, it was recorded that it is one of the leading […]