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Swing Gate Opener

A swing gate opener is designed to provide increased security for your property. It is set up as an enhanced security option for your home. The swing gate opens whenever you need it to through keypad or remote activation. This is effective when leaving and entering your home late at night, as you do not […]

X10 Home Automation System

Have you ever considered installing a system in your home for controlling all the mains appliances and lighting? If so then an X10 home automation system may be something that would definitely be of interest to you. The X10 can control certain appliances through using signals that are carried over the mains power cables. You […]

Smart Home Systems

Technology is changing, and yesteryear’s electrical wiring and telecommunications systems are no longer suitable for many modern residents. From cable television systems to multi-room audio and entertainment sets, a variety of devices need to be hard wired into the home before they can be used to their full potential, both by homeowners, apartment residents, and […]

Wireless Dog Fences

If your dog is continually getting out of your yard and running away you may want to get one of the new wireless dog fences. A wireless dog fence uses new technology that can confine your dog effectively. A wireless dog fence is an electric fence and is a great option for people who want […]

Wireless Gate Intercom

A wireless gate intercom is a highly suggested device to improve the overall safety of the security system at any home or business place. It provides a great increase in the security of the property, as the owner will have control over who is let into the property. The gate is opened from inside the […]

Garage Door Opener

Some things in life aren’t absolutely necessary, but besides being useful they add to your personal comfort… and that is something quite invaluable. Garage door openers are a good example; sure, you can live without a motorized device that opens your garage door at the flick of a button. You could just stop the car, […]

Wireless Transceiver

If you are reading this, there is a very good chance that you own a television. A modern television, to be precise. With a remote control. Chances are you also own a DVD player which also comes with a remote control. If you own a laptop with media center capabilities, there is a very good […]

IR Repeater System

The purposes of IR repeater systems are simple: to effectively relay the Infrared signals from one place to a remote location to execute commands. In simpler terms, it is simply a very handy way where one can use a remote control for changing audio/video instruction in devices which are located in an entirely different room […]

Electric Curtain System

The electric curtain system is a curtain that can be controlled using a remote control. Though they are mainly used in auditorium, theatre and conference hall, they can also be used in home, hospital and schools. The system is made up of a single phase induction motor drive, a forward-reverse starter and two limit switches. […]

Digital Thermostat

There are many possible uses for a digital thermostat. This would include using it as a replacement for your typical analog thermostat, and using it as a way to control both air conditioning and heating within your building. Not only would it be a great idea to purchase and install a digital thermostat in a […]

Home Automation Controller

Think of your daily routine. Wouldn’t it be easy if the coffee was ready and the house was at a comfortable temperature when you woke up in the morning? Or if the garage door opened up for you before you even had to leave the house? How about if the refrigerator alerted you when you […]

Proximity Card Reader

A proximity card reader is a type of reader that eventually replaced card readers that used the Wiegand effect. This effect was used in magnetic card readers that were very popular when the technology was invented. Each of the keycards used in these readers had strands of Wiegand wiring embedded in them. When the wires […]

Remote Control Dimmer

Think of the next romantic dinner you are planning. Where will you go? What will the lighting be like? It’s rather hard to have a romantic evening under fluorescent lights. That’s why McDonalds and other fast food joints have never exactly been well-known romantic hot spots. On the other hand, think of a fancy restaurant. […]

Gate Operator

If you have ever lived on a ranch, farm, estate or other place with a driveway entry gate, you know that interesting logistics can become involved when it comes to getting the gate open and closed. As the worst case scenario, and the most time consuming, you get out of the car and open the […]

Wireless Doorbell

A doorbell is a great convenience to have in any building but the wired models have always been difficult and expensive to install. The wireless doorbell makes installation much simpler and cheaper by removing the need for wires. It has many other advantages over the wired models but also a few problems consumers need to […]

Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems provide many practical benefits, including improved comfort and lower energy usage. They are used to control lighting, heating, ventilation, security, entertainment, and appliances. Homes fitted with these systems are so advanced that many people call them smart homes. For years, their high cost meant that they were only used in larger homes. […]