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Anyone who has seen one of the latest 3D movies in a cinema naturally wants the same viewing experience in their living room. It’s no surprise then that the latest craze in home entertainment is the three-dimensional (3D) television. The current models are also capable of showing high-definition (HD), so a more appropriate name for […]


LG is a great brand name that many people have come to revere when it comes to electronics. They make everything from cell phones to HDTVs and if you are looking for the latter it will be important to take your time and select the right one. The HDTV you get will be important because […]

Sharp HDTV

Those who purchase a Sharp HDTV know that it means selecting a trustworthy brand name that has established a positive reputation with consumers who demand only the highest quality electronics. Because there are so many different television sets to choose from which are manufactured by this company, it is important to take a close look […]


The DLP TV uses Digital Light Processing Technology. These are one type of rear projection TVs. The DLP TV also uses a DMD technology. DMD stands for Digital Micromirror Device. This technology is on a seminconductor chip. It creates an array of grayscale light. Each pixel on the display screen is represented by tiny mirrors […]

Samsung HDTV

Samsung is a highly recognized consumer electronics manufacturer that is especially recognized for their line up of televisions. The company was originally founded in 1969, and within 12 years of that time, they managed to sell more than 10 million black and white television sets. Samsung has developed into an established and reputable name in […]

Panasonic HDTV

The high-definition television (HDTV) market has become very competitive lately. Manufacturers have been striving to introduce new features that will sway consumers to buy their televisions. Panasonic is regarded as an innovator in the HDTYV market, leading the way with new features that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Along the way, it has […]


After many years of rapid growth, high definition television (HDTV) is now the standard in most countries around the world. While many people still use an old analog television with a digital tuner, falling HDTV prices are driving down their numbers. There are few good reasons to continue using an old television, especially when you […]

HDTV Outdoor Antenna

The introduction of high definition television (HDTV) around the world has created a market for HDTV accessories, one of which is the HDTV outdoor antenna. Before rushing out to buy a new antenna, it is important to know exactly what it is, how it works, and why it is needed. After the decision to buy […]


The technology behind televisions is continuing to becoming more advanced each day. There are many different options to choose from such as LED HDTV’s, LCD HDTV’s, and plasma TV’s, so it can be difficult to know which is the best. This article will cover all the basics of LED HDTV’s so you can decide if […]

Toshiba HDTV

To put in very simple words, HDTV is the television of the future that you are able to enjoy in the present. HDTV also known as High-definition television or just HD indicates video that has a substantially higher resolution than traditional TV systems such as an SD. Nowadays HDTV uses video compression for digital broadcasts […]

HDTV Cables

Almost every high-definition television (HDTV) is made to accept a number of different inputs, both standard and high definition. The standard inputs can range from composite video (the red, white and yellow cords) to S-video to a basic RF cable/antenna input. The high-definition cables inputs are usually HDMI and component cables (similar to composite cables, […]

HDMI Monitor

People love wide screen HDTVs and love to watch blu-ray DVDs now which are taking over the market. Many gamers love to use their widescreen HDTV television monitor to play their games on. Gone are the days of the giant and bulky big screen TVs that you could only receive analog signals on. Today, we […]

HDTV Recorder

If you recently bought a High Definition Television, or HDTV, you might wonder whether you can still record your favorite shows. Yes, you can, but you need a recorder that is compatible with your HDTV. You need an HDTV recorder. There is quite a variety of HDTV recorders available in the market. You need to […]

HDTV Converter

The days of turning on your TV and adjusting the antenna are soon to become a thing of the past. As technology keeps advancing, it is sometimes hard to keep up. As of February 2009 the majority of all broadcasting stations have switched from analog to digital broadcasting. In doing so, millions of homes that […]

Vizio HDTV

Vizio is the leading producer of high definition televisions in America. If it is a high definition television that you are looking for, then Vizio is the place to go. There are, of course, some factors that you will need to consider before buying yourself a high definition television, though. For example, size. You need […]

HD Upconverter

Technology, as we all know, moves faster than we can keep up with. There are always huge breakthroughs and upgrades; it can be very hard to keep up the pace. Another problem that most will face at some point happens when old technology clashes with new technology. Most of the technology we see these days […]

HDTV Tuner Box

The HDTV tuner box is the gateway to the world of high definition television. It allows millions of people with older televisions to improve their reception and gain access to extra channels. Choosing the right tuner can be a difficult decision, but understanding how they work and what features to look for makes the choice […]

Indoor HDTV Antenna

While indoor television antenna may seem like a relic from the past, many people are finding them useful in getting the best HDTV picture that they can. These indoor HDTV antennas have a number of different advantages, and they will allow you to watch television without having cable. You will, of course, need a converter […]

1080p HDTV

Since the early days of television, the ultimate goal has been to bring the movie theater experience into the living room. After many years of research, high definition television (HDTV) is the realization of that goal. It provides superior picture quality and a widescreen format, along with surround sound when the right speaker system is […]

HDTV Converter Box

High definition television (HDTV) can transform any living room into a home theater. A HDTV converter box is an essential piece of equipment for viewing television broadcasts in high definition. However, there is a lot of confusion about what qualifies as high definition. Consumers are often misled by confusing marketing terms into purchasing products that […]


If you are in the market for a new 32″ LCD HDTV then you’ll be happy to know that this size is hottest size on the market right now for flat screen TVs. 32″ LCD HDTV’s are about the same size as the old 27 inch tube TVs. However these are widescreen TVs that have […]


Before we discuss Sony HDTV, we should probably talk about what HDTV is and why we even want it in the first place. HDTV stands for high definition television. With the same aspect as a movie theater screen (16:9) and three resolution levels to choose from, a picture is created that is more vivid, more […]

Plasma HDTV

With Americans increasingly deciding to skip the long lines, high prices, and ringing cell phones inherent with the modern theater going experience in favor of home theater systems, they now have many choices to make. For example, a home theater system begs for a big screen television. But in the past few decades, several types […]

HDTV Antenna

There are hundreds of free high definition television stations out there and with the right HDTV antenna you can access them all, some of which are from all over the world. In fact, after June 2009, you will have to hook your television up to digital television anyway, so why not go for the best? […]

HDTV Set-top Box

An HDTV set-top box (HD STB) is a device that receives a video signal and then converts it so that it will display onto a television. The signal is usually transmitted by a content provider such as a local cable television service provider. The HDTV set-top box interfaces with such media as satellite signals, stereo […]

HDTV Receiver

Simply put, a HDTV receiver (or as it is sometimes called an Advanced Television Systems Committee Tuner) is a device that allows the reception of digital signals sent over the air in the North America, South Korea, and Taiwan. Never seen one? That’s because HDTV receivers are often integrated into other equipment in the personal […]

Digital Set-top Box

Whether you like it or not, this summer your analog television will be completely useless unless you switch over to digital cable. This can seem like a hefty proposition, but with the right information, a government coupon to save $40 and some patience and open mindedness, you’ll be watching your favorite television channels in high-def […]

HD Satellite Receiver

HD satellite receivers allow consumers to pick up channels in high definition, a television format that has better picture and sound quality than analog. In fact, after Summer 2009, analog will no longer be an option for consumers. If an HD tuner is not already built into your television, you will need to purchase an […]


With the ever-increasing technology where televisions are concerned, more and more people have found the need to move from their traditional television sets to a newer LCD HDTV so that they can take advantage of the advanced quality. However, if you do not know a lot about the LCD HDTV sets that are on the […]