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HDMI Switch

As digital multimedia devices have gotten more and more advanced and numerous the need for digital connection and splitter-type-devices, which can tie everything all together and make everything actually work flawlessly with your older model HD television, has become absolutely critical. It’s not fun when you go out and get the latest gaming console, hi […]

Wireless HDMI Transmitter

When a tired executive comes home late from work, oftentimes their first priority is to relax on the couch in front of their HDTV and home theater system, while enjoying entertainment in High Definition. But the scenic view is scathed and the savoring left incomplete by of the trail of wires emerging from all the […]

USB to HDMI Adapter

The main purpose of a USB to HDMI adapter is to allow you to have a connection from your computer directly to your HDTV. You will notice that all computers, whether PC desktops or laptops, come with numerous USB ports. These specific ports will allow you to connect your computer to various other peripherals. In […]

Monster HDMI Cable

A standard and generic HDMI cable is a high definition multimedia interface cable that is used to connect digital audio and video devices. It will connect digital input to HDTVs, computer monitors, etc. A Monster HDMI cable is a brand name HDMI cable that is made by the Monster Cable Products Company. The company produces […]

DVI To HDMI Adapter

High definition or HD televisions are very popular today as they offer a high quality of picture than traditional standard definition. HD televisions are equipped with various connections to support things such as DVD players, satellite or cable television and many game consoles. These products often use DVI or Digital Vision Interface cables and ports […]

HDMI Connector

High Definition Multi-media Interface (HDMI) is a method sending a digital video signal from a connecting device to your television. Normally to send these signals the original connecting device is required to make a conversion of digital-to-analog for the process to work properly. This conversion will cause some data loss but can be avoided with […]

VGA to HDMI Converter

If you are thinking of converting your VGA component signal into a digital high definition HDMI signal you will need a VGA to HDMI converter box. You will also need an HDMI cable in whatever length you need. A VGA to HDMI converter is a device that is used to convert the input connector on […]

HDMI Monitor

People love wide screen HDTVs and love to watch blu-ray DVDs now which are taking over the market. Many gamers love to use their widescreen HDTV television monitor to play their games on. Gone are the days of the giant and bulky big screen TVs that you could only receive analog signals on. Today, we […]

DVI-D to HDMI Cable

DVI-D to HDMI cables allow computer users to connect their computers to a high definition TV, assuming their computers are properly equipped to attach to a DVI cable. DVI stands for digital video interface, and the “D” at the end stands for digital. This kind of cord receives a digital signal only, as opposed to […]

DVI to HDMI Cable

The DVI to HDMI cables are cables that allow you to connect a DVI enabled device to a HDMI enabled device. You may be interested in knowing exactly what each cable does. DVI stands for Digital Video Interface. Which means the cable is used to transfer digital video to components like LCD monitors. DVI cables […]

HDMI to DVI Cable

After many years of waiting, high definition video and audio equipment is finally available at prices that most buyers can afford. High definition provides sharp and vibrant picture quality in a widescreen format, along with the capability for surround sound. The home entertainment system will never be the same again, as high definition movies and […]

HDMI Video Card

High definition monitors are becoming increasingly popular with computer owners as their price falls. To get the best performance out of one of these monitors, it should be used with a HDMI video card. HDMI carries both high definition digital and audio signals in the one cable, eliminating the jungle of wires behind a computer. […]

RCA to HDMI Converter

Slowly but surely, high definition is becoming the new standard for television, but it will many years before it completely takes over. Many homes now have a mix of new and old equipment which can be difficult to use together. A RCA to HDMI converter helps solve this problem by connecting incompatible equipment. It is […]

HDMI Splitter

So you have a device with HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and you want to send ti to more than one screen? It may be time to invest in am HDMI splitter. There are many things to consider when purchasing a HDMI splitter. How many display devices do you want to deny your signal to? […]

HDMI Cable

When you are installing the components for your home theatre, it is important that your cables and connections are the top of the line so as to make sure that everything is functioning properly. When you only need cable for a shorter length, it really doesn’t make that much difference. However, there is a great […]

HDMI Receiver

As today’s electronics get more and more complicated, it’s easy to lose track of what all those connection ports on the back of the television mean. HDMI? What on earth is that? HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, which doesn’t really help all that much when trying to decipher all the acronyms branded on […]

HDMI Adapter

If you are interested in the latest in television and gaming technology, then you have probably heard about HDMI adapter usage. If not, then you probably first have to know that HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. The best thing about using an HDMI adapter is that the HDMI can use a single connecting […]