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HD Multimedia Drive

The strength of an HD multimedia drive is that it can organize and store all of your digital multimedia files, like your videos, music, and photos and then play them back on your big screen TV. No more messing around with a small computer screen. This truly gives you amazing power to store massive amounts […]

External Blu-Ray Drive

The blu-ray format was created so that people can record, rewrite and playback high-definition videos. It is also capable of story a huge amount of data on a single disc. An external blu-Ray drive is a portable type of hard disk drive that you connect to your computer, laptop or notebook by a USB cable, […]


A DVD-Rom drive is a backwards compatible disk drive that supports both DVD-Rom discs and older CD-ROM format discs as well, so they’re certainly versatile and you don’t lose the capability of your older CDs when you upgrade to this newer drive system. The CD-ROM formats that DVD-ROM drives support include CD-I disks and video […]

Slim External DVD Drive

A slim external DVD drive can be useful for many people. There are numerous situations where having a slim external drive can come in handy. For instance, most netbook owners do not have an internal DVD drive so owning a slim external DVD drive would be beneficial. It would allow netbook users to use CD […]

SCSI Hard Drive

An SCSI hard drive is a type of storage drive that uses a much different system than what is likely found in your computer at home. The term SCSI actually means Small Computer System Interface. Most people pronounce the term as “Scuzzy” rather than saying the letters in the word. The main advantage to an […]

Iomega ScreenPlay

The Iomega ScreenPlay series features a number of high-definition multimedia hard drives such as the Iomega Screenplay Pro HD and Iomega ScreenPlay Director HD. The wide variety of drives available in this collection allows you to choose something that works perfectly for you. The multimedia hard drives can be used as external hard drives for […]

Network Drive

A network drive is an external hard drive that is designed to be used on a computer network. The technical name for it is network attached storage (NAS) device, but many people just call it a file server. Unlike a portable hard drive, it is meant to be placed in one spot and not moved […]

1TB Hard Disk Drives

When hard disk drives first came into being, they were huge in terms of physical size, but not so much in terms of storage capacity. Even the hugest ones among them had capacities no more than a few megabytes (often less than ten), consumed a lot of energy during operation, and were not even suitable […]

Western Digital Hard Drive

Many people have used a Western Digital hard drive at some time or another, probably without even knowing it. They can be found in many of the desktop and notebook computers used at home and work. The various brand names would be familiar to anyone who buys hard drives separately. They include the Caviar and […]

Seagate Hard Drive

If you are running out of space on your computer’s hard drive you can replace it with a Seagate Hard Drive and get all the storage space you ever wanted in a hard drive. Seagate’s next generation hard drive called the Barracuda 7200.11 has 1.5 Terabytes worth of space for a desktop computer. If you […]

Hard Disk Drive

The technology is advancing at a rapid pace offering us many alternatives to improve our comfort level. Earlier people used to rely on labors for different tasks however, now we have various devices that save money. Computers have become an important part of our daily lives, as we can perform many tasks on a computer. […]

Hard Drive Enclosure

If it is a problem for you to change the hard drive inside your computer, or perhaps, if the option of doing so is not available to you at all, then the simplest solution would be for you to get an external hard drive enclosure with a capacity to host hard disc drives. A hard […]

Thumb Drive

If you are tired of using the same old conventional floppy disks, CDs and ZIP drives to store data and transfer files to and from your computer, which have not only become monotonous and boring but inconvenient as well, then there is nothing more ideal for you than the USB thumb drive. A thumb drive […]

External USB Drive

There are few things more frustrating that running out of space on a hard drive while saving a large file. An external USB drive is the perfect solution to this common problem. No longer do computer users have to frantically search for old files to delete to make space for new ones. They simply plug […]

PATA Hard Drive

If you are someone who is thinking about using a PATA hard drive, you will want to know how this system works so that you can be sure you are making the right decision. This drive is known as a Parallel ATA and it is an industry standard for a various assortment of storage devices […]

Laptop Hard Drive

Are you planning to buy a laptop? If you are, then knowing where to look for isn’t really the problem. You could check out online malls and auction websites, visit the nearest computer and accessories store, read ads from newspapers, etc. and I’m sure you’ll find the brand you’re looking for…whether brand new or refurbished. […]

DVD+RW Drive

Everybody knows what a DVD is, but not everybody is familiar with how DVD’s work, and the different devices that play and create them. A DVD+RW drive is a device that can read, write and rewrite DVD drives. There are several different kinds of DVD’s and DVD drives, including but not limited to DVD-R, DVD+R, […]

Hard Drive Camcorder

Remember when camcorders first were introduced? They were huge cameras that had to sit on your shoulder and weighed a ton. To record your video, you almost looked like a member of a professional camera crew. You also had to keep an eye on your taping time because the old style VHS video tapes had […]

Solid State Drive

For as long as computers have been around, hard drives have been used to store large amounts of data. Every year, new models are released that have even greater capacities than previous models. Until recently, there was no viable alternative to the hard drive, but the solid state drive (SSD) is shaping up as its […]

Internal Hard Drive

The internal hard drive is a storage device. It can be found in desktop PCs, notebooks, and servers, as well as in modern consumer electronic devices like digital cameras, MP3 players, or digital audio players. They provide storage capacities for all your data – the operating system, programs, images, documents, music, or games. Not all […]

External Hard Drive

Buying an external hard drive can be as simple or as complex a process as you make it. Distinguishing factors include cost, ease of use, capacity, brand, interface type, security, network capability and speed. Deciding how much capacity you need from your product is as easy as figuring out what data you are trying to […]

SATA Hard Drive

SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment and is the newest technology for connecting internal hard drives to motherboards. In the past, Parallel ATAs Attachments were the standard, but SATAs have eclipsed the PATAs in both performance and the fact that SATAs do not contain wires. SATA technology also costs less. SATAs are designed for […]

FireWire Hard Drive

Apple’s Fire Wire hard drive will transfer data between computers to peripheral devices at a lightning quick speed. Technically named IEEE1394, Fire Wire was introduced by Apple in the early 1990’s on their PowerMac G3. Since then, there have been many updates for older systems that have really enabled them to keep up with the […]

Portable Hard Drive

When you are choosing an external portable hard drive, you will have a great many choices available to you. Many people struggle with the decision to choose a portable hard drive or a flash drive for their backup method. There are even those that don’t know there is a difference between the two. There is […]

USB Flash Drive

For people who hop from one computer to another with large amounts of data that are often sensitive, a USB flash drive can prove invaluable. By providing a safe storage method for your data through password protection and encryption, students, business people and more can easily travel with their special files. Features such as swivel […]