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Garmin GPS Watch

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has transformed the way we navigate from place to place. It has also given athletes the ability to monitor their performance in precise detail. But unfortunately for runners, a standard GPS receiver is too large and heavy to carry with them. A Garmin GPS watch is a small and lightweight […]

TomTom Portable GPS

No matter if you are a senior citizen, a middle age adult or a young person just starting to drive, you’ll find a TomTom portable GPS receiver a “gotta have it” item. TomTom portable GPS can help you find your way to a new address, across an unfamiliar town or across the nation with out […]

Aviation GPS Handheld Units

Technology today has really become amazing. There are gadgets for just about anything to make your life a little easier. GPS systems are just one of the many neat inventions that have truly made traveling from one destination to another much more convenient. Many people who do a lot of driving either have a GPS […]

Handheld GPS Units

If you’ve ever been on a road trip of any distance, then you have probably experienced the difficulty of navigating your way through unknown territory with fold out paper maps that are most likely outdated. Thanks to the advancement in technology, these days are long gone and you can now easily find your way through […]

Portable Navigation System

If you are one of the thousands of people who set out each year on the roadways for a family vacation, you might want to consider purchasing a portable navigation system. If you do, you will find that getting from point A to point B will be so much easier to do if your destination […]