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GPS Tracking Devices

Whether you are managing a single vehicle or a number of vehicles, you can benefit from GPS tracking. You could just be keeping a close eye on where your son or daughter takes your vehicle, or you could be dealing with rental vehicles, or work related vehicles. Whatever the reason, there are many benefits to […]

Marine GPS Antenna

Before the introduction of GPS, marine navigation was done with a chart, compass and sextant. Learning how to use these instruments was an essential task for every novice sailor. It required good mathematical skills and many hours of study, but things are a little easier for sailors today. The compass and sextant are still important […]

GPS Splitter

GPS antenna splitters eradicates the requirement to run a number of antenna cables coming from quite a few antennas by running a single cable and splitting it with the aid of antenna splitters, making the site installation convenient and affordable. Certain GPS splitters have amplifying properties which allows them to run long cables preceding the […]

GPS Repeater

GPS repeaters are on-frequency repeaters that require the usage of an accurately positioned outdoor aerial which amplifies the signal and re-radiates the signal to the target GPS receiver. Simple GPS repeaters, which only re-radiates within the range of a few inches in order to enable operation in a vehicle are quite possible when it comes […]

Notebook GPS Receiver

Exploring is made much easier nowadays with nifty gadgets like the portable GPS Receivers. Rather than losing your way, imprinting landmarks and figuring out perplexing maps, buying a notebook GPS Receiver which will cost less then $100 is the way to go, in order to avoid losing your way and figuring out the next direction […]

GPS Antenna

GPS antennas are the devices that actually pick up a signal from GPS satellites. They act as the middle man between actual satellites that orbit the earth and provide information and your private GPS system, which takes that information and converts it into something you can use. Without the antenna, none of that process works. […]

GPS Re-radiator

GPS re-radiators are devices which operate by obtaining signals from GPS satellite, using an antenna located outdoors, and re-transmitting them to a closed indoor environment. The re-radiating equipment consists of GPS antennas of high sensitivity, signal amplifying units and a GPS receiver to accept the incoming amplified signals. Thus a reradiator functions to channel signals […]

USB GPS Receiver

Any USB GPS receiver is essentially a GPS system has to connect to a computer to function. They are primarily made for people with laptops, and they are both powered by and connected to a computer when they are functioning. Most USB GPS receivers cannot work independently, as they are essentially just the antenna portion […]

Golf Range Finder

A golf range finder is a small device that can be carried in a pocket and that is portable. It is used to measure the distance between the current location and another location. This means the range finder can be used by golfers to determine the distance between them and the flag. However, with the […]

PSP GPS Receiver

Many people are capable of multi tasking very well. Fortunately many of our electronics today have become multi-taskers as well. When we decide to make a major purchase and buy a new piece of electronic equipment we want to make sure that what we are getting is going to do its job correctly and not […]

Golf GPS System

There are few golf accessories that can help reduce a handicap faster than a golf GPS system. It uses satellites and a detailed course map to give accurate distances from itself to various parts of the course. It can be used on any golf course around the world, provided there is a map available for […]

Handheld GPS Units

If you’ve ever been on a road trip of any distance, then you have probably experienced the difficulty of navigating your way through unknown territory with fold out paper maps that are most likely outdated. Thanks to the advancement in technology, these days are long gone and you can now easily find your way through […]

PDA GPS Receiver

PDA GPS receivers allow you the ease of a compact GPS so that the busy driver can get where he needs to go on time. There are many features you want to consider when purchasing PDA GPS receiver, including what kinds of maps are available, whether the antenna is small and indiscreet, how many points […]

Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, PDA users can now easily use their handheld devices for GPS (Global Positioning System), meaning they don’t have to get lost on the highway on the way to that business meeting anymore. In the past, you could turn your PDA into a navigator, but it required bulky (and costly) appendages. Below […]