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Frigidaire Freezer

The majority of Frigidaire freezers are classified as chest freezers. Frigidaire chest freezers have a capacity of 5.0 to 24.9 cubic feet. These freezers are compact but can still store a large amount of food. This will come in handy right after buying groceries, and it is especially useful for someone whom prefers to purchase […]

Home Ice Maker

An ice maker can be very useful in a number of environments. Many establishments can benefit from using this product. For instance, you can find ice makers in many different hotels. Ice makers can also be useful in family homes as well. This is especially true if you regularly host house parties as there will […]

Small Freezers

A small freezer can be useful for those who do not have a ton of room where they live. Whether you are in a cramped apartment or a college dorm room, it will be important to make sure that you get the right one which will allow you to store whatever you need for long […]

Energy Star Freezers

When you purchase an energy star freezer you will be getting one of the environmentally friendly freezers and will be doing your best to be living up to a green lifestyle. Not all freezers are energy star freezers. Only the ones that meet certain standards required by the United States government and the Environmental Protection […]

Small Upright Freezer

When buying a freezer to use in your home you will have many different models to choose from. These freezers will vary in brand, size, style, and more. It is important that you make an informed decision but this will take some research on the particular brands and models of freezers you have to choose […]

Stand Up Freezer

Today, most refrigerators come with a half-sized freezer, and this has caused the market for standalone freezers to decline significantly. Even for an entire family, a half freezer is usually big enough for their purposes. However, many families, businesses and individuals find themselves needing more space for a variety of reasons. For these people, standalone […]

Portable Freezer

A freezer is an electronic appliance used to preserve and chill food items. A portable freezer, as a name suggests, is a freezer that can be taken with the user while out of the house – while traveling, or while out for a picnic, for example. Portable freezers are a great way to take food […]

Chest Freezer

The chest freezer has long been an essential appliance for large families, shops and restaurants that buy food in bulk quantities. Now, many small families are also using them as they discover the savings that can be made from bulk buying, especially in times of rising food prices. However, they also finding that the small […]

Upright Freezer

Although refrigerators today are equipped with freezers for sub-zero storage of meats and other foods, upright freezer models are becoming in demand because of the larger storage space and manageability they offer. Here is a bit of historical trivia on the origins of this appliance. It was in 1947 when the Amana Corporation released the […]