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USB Mug Warmer

A USB mug warmer could be just what you have been looking for when it comes to heating up your liquid vessel while you are sitting at your computer. If you are one of the many people who enjoy sitting by their computer in the morning with a cup of coffee but don’t want it […]

Soup Kettle Warmer

On a cold day or even when you are not feeling your very best, there is nothing better than a warm cup or bowl of soup. Soup is after all, the universal food for feeling better no matter what ails you. There are many types of soup recipes that include a variety of food ingredients. […]

Food Warmers

If you have a big family with clashing schedules, sitting down everyone for a meal is likely not to be an easy feat. This can be somewhat of a problem especially in winter times since the food will get cold quickly an each person will have to re-heat their portion before eating. Since most food […]

Electric Plate Warmer

Electric plate warmers are used to heat plates which are served with foods. Serving hot food on cold plates can ruin the taste of freshly cooked foods as it will take the flavor and warmth out of the food. Thanks to the electric plate warmer that it can heat a whopping twelve plates at a […]

Buffet Warmer

Buffets are the latest fashion in parties where serving crews cannot be arranged for because of the huge costs involved. This is usually because a complete group of serving crew would include not only the butler and his throng of waiters and waitresses, but also additional subsidiary crew to keep the food warm. However, buffets […]

Electric Cup Warmer

An electric cup warmer is perhaps one of the many inventions that can prevent a person from tearing out hair, deploring one’s lucks and thinking that the day could not get any worse. There is nothing worse than having one’s hot drink grow cold just after striving to squeeze some time out of an insanely […]

Travel Bottle Warmer

Traveling with your baby can be difficult at times, especially when there is no warm milk to keep your child satisfied and not cranky. If you are looking for the solution to traveling at ease with your baby, then here is presenting to you travel bottle warmers perfectly suited to your traveling maternal needs! While […]

Bottle Warmer

A baby’s feeding time can be hectic enough without the added hassle of warming a bottle in a pot of hot water. Not only is it inconvenient and time consuming but there is the constant risk of scalding from the pot being tipped over. It is also difficult to judge the temperature of the bottle […]