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Wireless Smoke Alarms

A wireless smoke alarm is an easy to install device and can help to protect your family in the event of a fire in your home. They do not require an electrician to install and have no wiring that needs to be connected to a power supply. It is recommended that you link wireless smoke […]

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Safeties should always come first than comforts… but ideally you want to get the best of both worlds. For example, you may choose to install a fire alarm in your house to be safe from fire hazards. But after a while you may realize your fire alarm is too sensitive, and it keeps causing nuisance […]

Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm is a device designed to detect fires and alert everyone nearby of the danger. Fire alarms work by detecting changes in the environment. There are three different types of fire alarms: manual, automatic, or an alarm may combine the two. Automatic alarms are useful in instantly alerting people to a fire in […]

Fire Alarm

One of the greatest innovations in fire safety has been the development of the home fire alarm. This inexpensive, compact and easy to install device has saved many lives over the years. Installation of alarms in the home is strongly recommended by fire departments, and has even been made mandatory for new homes in some […]

Smoke Alarm

Installing a smoke alarm in your home may be one of the most important things you can ever do to increase your safety. A smoke alarm is a small, usually white round device that you mount on your ceiling or high up on the wall. When a smoke alarm detects smoke, it lets out a […]