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Plain Paper Fax Machine

The plain paper fax machine has all but replaced the older ones that were called thermal fax machines. The thermal fax machine used a long roll of paper and these fax machines were very expensive. Each time a fax was sent the paper had to be cut to the size of the transmission. Now you […]

Wireless Fax Machine

Although there are some wireless fax machines, a majority of them are wired and very inconvenient for those who do not like to deal with a jumbled mess on their desk. If you are like so many others and want a modern fax machine what will allow you to send documents to others without having […]

Panasonic Fax Machines

A fax machine can enhance the productivity of your office. When integrated into an existing computer and Internet setup, a fax machine makes it easy to send important documents. While email is great for many types of information, there are plenty of documents that are better to send via fax. Because of the quality of […]

Fax Toner Cartridge

The incredible growth in the use of email and mobile phones has led to declining sales of fax machines in recent years. Part of the reason why people are swapping to paperless communication is the cost and hassle involved with changing a fax toner cartridge. It’s hard to justify the need for a paper printout […]

Laser Fax Machine

The laser fax machine is still an essential piece of office equipment even in the age of computers, mobile phones, and the internet. It has many advantages over both thermal and inkjet fax machines, such as faster printing speeds and lower running costs. Multifunction models can also be used as a computer printer and photocopier. […]

Inkjet Fax Machine

An inkjet fax machines uses similar mechanisms to what an inkjet printer uses. Like an inkjet printer, an inkjet fax machine uses very small quantity of ink on paper to produce an image. Unlike a film-cartridge fax machine, an inkjet fax machine produces a better quality image. The dots are precisely positioned with extremely high […]

Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers, which are also called MFPs, are much more useful than an old fashioned copying machine or a plain printer. These are easily networkable, as they are connected to a computer. Home offices will be able to easily use the Windows printer-sharing function. Larger offices should have a dedicated network printer. Today’s multifunction printers […]

Fax Machine

With the advent of email and internet faxing services, fax machines are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. But don’t discount these hardy business machines yet. Fax machines are still ubiquitous in most office settings, and sometimes faster and more efficient in sending digital documents that the alternative – scanning and emailing […]