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Kohler Bathroom Faucets

Renowned for their smooth styling and sleek design, Kohler bathroom faucets have been a major fixture in high-end bathrooms for decades. Boasting some of the most durable and versatile style and designs in the business, Kohler’s sleek and elegant bathroom faucets are backed up by major quality control, high-end and durable materials, and a sense […]

Lavatory Faucets

Lavatory is an older term for the bathroom. It is no longer a common term today. In fact, when it is used, it tends to be as a reference to the bathroom sink. The term lavatory faucet refers to the faucet of the bathroom sink, otherwise known as the bathroom sink tap or fixture. The […]

American Standard Faucets

If you are looking for a new faucet, one company to strongly consider is American Standard. American Standard is one of the best faucet companies in the world. They have made a name for themselves by taking a product that is generally considered to be boring and turning it into something that is quite impressive. […]

Moen Kitchen Faucets

If you have recently begun fitting a new kitchen in your home then there are some things that you are going to need to purchase in order for everything to be complete. For example, most people choose to get new furniture, and new sinks fitted into their new kitchen. One thing that you are going […]

Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets will typically come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and even colors. The specific variety of bathroom faucet you will want to purchase will very much depend on the style of your home, or the style that you wish to create. Bathroom faucets are generally single handled or they will come with […]

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Whether you are planning to give your kitchen an all new look or if you are just looking for modern fixtures, kitchen faucet is probably the first thing that you will want to replace. Unlike earlier days when kitchen faucet used to have standard boring designs, today you will find them in varied colors, styles […]

Clawfoot Bathtub Faucet

Whether you’re planning to redecorate your old bathroom or you’re deciding the most suitable theme for the bathroom in your new house, this page will be of use… especially if you favor the classical look which is closely associated with this type of faucet. If you’re planning to order your clawfoot bathtub faucet online, you’ll […]

Chrome Kitchen Faucet

The kind of kitchen faucets that you buy is important for the overall look to your kitchen. Most standard kitchen faucets come in chrome and stainless steel finishes because these types of finishes are the most popular and its smooth appearance makes it a favorite of homeowner’s and business establishments. There are many other finishes […]

Waterfall Bath Faucet

Waterfall bath faucets have become highly popular over the past few years. Typically chosen for their decorative properties, these faucets offer functionality as well. Waterfall bath faucets work by forcing water upward in direction. While the water is directed upward, you can add a basin or saucer to catch the water, giving your bathroom a […]

Shower Faucets

Every faucet within the bathroom will be hooked up to the house’s main water supply. This supply not only provides water to the bathroom, but the kitchen, laundry room, and outside of your home, wherever water faucets are existent. However, the shower is not connected to the other faucets in your bathroom so it will […]