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Electronic Scales

Electronic scales, or more commonly known as digital scales, are scales that measure weight and display the reading via a digital display. These scales are much more accurate than alternative weighing methods and can provide more precise measurements. One example of this would be jewelry scales, of which are almost all capable of weighing down […]

Digital Compass

Like the mouse trap, the needle compass is so simple that it seems perfect. The only working part is a magnetized needle surrounded by liquid. Even the liquid is not necessary because its only purpose is to slow down the needle. For a long time, there was nothing that could find magnetic north other than […]

USB Digital Microscope

Computer technology has been incorporated into microscopes as a way to eliminate the need for an eyepiece to make observations. The USB digital microscope connects to your computer via a USB port and it opens up to many unique conveniences. You will no longer be using an eyepiece, but rather there will be a built-in […]

Keychain Breathalyzer

Getting caught for drink driving is a nightmare that no motorist wants to go through, but thousands end up with a conviction and large fine for it every day. If that isn’t bad enough, the consequences of having an accident while drunk can be much worse. It may even cost the life of the motorist […]

Counterfeit Money Detector

Counterfeit money will typically go unnoticed at first glance. In fact many of us never give counterfeit money a second thought, although they will have numerous negative effects on society. These can include giving a decreased value to authentic money, businesses are not usually reimbursed for any form of counterfeit money that they receive and […]

Golf Distance Finder

For most of us on the golf course, distance is merely a guessing game. It is often extremely difficult to gauge how far you are from the flag or a certain obstacle. This will lead to a guessing game for the distance required for your next shot and the specific club that you will need […]

GPS Running Watches

Because of present technology and the way it is advancing, the world is becoming a much smaller place, as well as all the devices that are in it. Technology has brought us GPS Running Watches which are built for the purpose of making outdoor events thrilling; all the while keeping it safe. Do not let […]

Watch Phone

In today’s world, technology has become so advanced that a typical wristband watch has become dull, boring, and undesirable. There is an increased need of improving even the most basic products such as a watch, and involving advanced technology is a great way of doing so. For a very long time watches have offered various […]

Garmin GPS Watch

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has transformed the way we navigate from place to place. It has also given athletes the ability to monitor their performance in precise detail. But unfortunately for runners, a standard GPS receiver is too large and heavy to carry with them. A Garmin GPS watch is a small and lightweight […]

Wireless Thermostat

Thanks to the latest technological developments, we keep getting new opportunities to lead a life that’s progressively more pleasant and comfortable. Every year we get access to new machines and inventions that make different aspects of our household life easier; some such devices are complex and encompass important aspects of our lifestyle, while others have […]

Altimeter Watch

There is hardly any person involved in sports – especially adventurous sports – who has not heard of altimeter watches. These watches are the best types which can be worn by people when they engage in any sort of sports that require only the highest form of preparation. A few examples of such sports are […]

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle was first introduced into the commercial market in the U.S. on November 19, 2007. It is a computer software and hardware device platform that is really catching on with the public. Amazon.com hired a subsidiary to develop it. The Kindle is used to display digital media and e-books. Since the Amazon kindle was […]

Travel Alarm Clock

If you have ever gone on a business trip or vacation you know just how important a travel alarm clock can be. There is no need to rely on a wake up call when you take along your own travel alarm clock. These clocks are easy to take with you and easy to set for […]

Digital Alarm Clock

While different types of alarm clocks have been around for years, many people find the concept of the digital alarm clock to be very high tech and futuristic. There’s nothing that is futuristic about them, of course, but they continue to look great. Standard analog alarm clocks often are powered by gears that must be […]

eBook Reader

The eBook reader is a very popular gadget right now, despite the fact that computers and mobile smartphones are able to display eBooks. It is designed specifically for reading and editing, and it has a portrait screen and many other features that makes reading a more pleasant experience. Each reader can hold hundreds of eBooks […]

Electronic Organizer

Keep track of your appointments, count your calories, convert your currency and more with electric organizers. Really — what did people do before these things. There are appointment reminders with alerts, food lists, braingames — the list is endless. There are even features for syncing to your work e-mail if your company uses Outlook. For […]

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets get a bad rap. Naysayers will complain that before the advent of Bluetooth technology, the only people who walked down the street or stepped into an elevator talking to themselves were people best avoided. But now, with small Bluetooth headsets attached to everyone’s ears, it is common to see power executives, joggers, and […]

MP4 Player

In the last decade or so, the term MP3 player has become almost synonymous with handheld portable music device in the same way that the word Kleenex has come to mean tissue or Scotch tape has come to mean household tape. Though MP3 is the generic term, portable music playing devices have actually branched out. […]