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Sony Reader

The eBook format has experienced a revival of sorts lately. It had a short burst of popularity when it was first introduced, then quickly became unpopular due to the lack of dedicated readers at the time. The format is now popular again, thanks to several affordable eBook readers that have been launched recently. The Sony […]

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle was first introduced into the commercial market in the U.S. on November 19, 2007. It is a computer software and hardware device platform that is really catching on with the public. Amazon.com hired a subsidiary to develop it. The Kindle is used to display digital media and e-books. Since the Amazon kindle was […]

eBook Reader

The eBook reader is a very popular gadget right now, despite the fact that computers and mobile smartphones are able to display eBooks. It is designed specifically for reading and editing, and it has a portrait screen and many other features that makes reading a more pleasant experience. Each reader can hold hundreds of eBooks […]