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Digital TV Tuner

Television is currently undergoing its most significant change since the introduction of color pictures. Digital broadcasting is rapidly replacing the old analog system that has been used since television was first invented. A digital TV tuner is essential for viewing these new digital broadcasts. It is a small box that is placed next to the […]

Digital TV Adapter

For those who want the delights of high definition and multimedia access in an easy format, the plug-and-play digital TV adapters can be your best bet. Many of these devices also hook up to the personal computer, making it even more versatile. Below are some of the best-selling digital TV adapters out there: The AVerMedia […]

Digital to Analog TV Converter Box

The digital television revolution has been moving forward for the last decade and is now almost complete. The few remaining places that have not made the switch will soon be turning off their analog broadcasts. Anyone who does not have a digital television or a converted analog television will soon have nothing to watch but […]

Digital TV Converter

Technology is developing and upgrading in leaps and bounds, and the televisions are reflecting that evolution. Television has come a long way from the boxy, black and white, staticy device it used to be. Color TV came into being, then plasma, then web TV. Television revolutionized the way information spreads, and spawned a whole different […]

Digital HD Receiver

The exciting new world of digital radio and television offers many benefits over the old analogue systems. It provides better picture and sound quality without the problems common to analogue reception, like interference during bad weather. Unfortunately, digital technology can be confusing because of the new and unfamiliar terminology, and it can also be expensive […]

Digital TV Antenna

While it may be hard to believe, these are still people who require a TV antennae for their HDTV, and it’s estimated that between 16 million and 20 million households in the United States still use antennas to tune into local stations. Right now, cable TV is the primary mode of choice when it comes […]

Digital Set-top Box

Whether you like it or not, this summer your analog television will be completely useless unless you switch over to digital cable. This can seem like a hefty proposition, but with the right information, a government coupon to save $40 and some patience and open mindedness, you’ll be watching your favorite television channels in high-def […]

HD Satellite Receiver

HD satellite receivers allow consumers to pick up channels in high definition, a television format that has better picture and sound quality than analog. In fact, after Summer 2009, analog will no longer be an option for consumers. If an HD tuner is not already built into your television, you will need to purchase an […]