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Media Center Extender

Any computer that is loaded with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows Vista Home Premium, or Windows Vista Ultimate is compatible with the Windows Media Center Extender. The extender for Windows Media Center can stream media from your computer to the connected extender device. The media that can be streamed includes photos, videos, […]

Bluetooth Receiver

As Bluetooth technology becomes even further ingrained into our everyday lives, we use that technology to perform an ever increasing percentage of our tasks. From talking on the phone, to listening to music, to sending GPS maps, Bluetooth technology is being used on a growing number of devices. However, most of our everyday appliances are […]

Digital Media Receiver

Many households have several televisions, computers, and speaker systems. The computers are often networked together so that other members of the household can access the media stored on them. A digital media receiver makes it easy to use that media on other devices, such as televisions or speaker systems. A few of these have a […]

MPEG4 Receiver

MPEG4 is a type of audio/visual format used by device developers, and MPEG-4 receivers are the devices that work in this format. The latest encryption device for high definition cable providers offers an even larger amount of channel offerings, if that was even conceivable (or necessary). While there are lesser known brands that product MPEG4 […]

Digital HD Receiver

The exciting new world of digital radio and television offers many benefits over the old analogue systems. It provides better picture and sound quality without the problems common to analogue reception, like interference during bad weather. Unfortunately, digital technology can be confusing because of the new and unfamiliar terminology, and it can also be expensive […]

HDMI Receiver

As today’s electronics get more and more complicated, it’s easy to lose track of what all those connection ports on the back of the television mean. HDMI? What on earth is that? HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, which doesn’t really help all that much when trying to decipher all the acronyms branded on […]

HDTV Receiver

Simply put, a HDTV receiver (or as it is sometimes called an Advanced Television Systems Committee Tuner) is a device that allows the reception of digital signals sent over the air in the North America, South Korea, and Taiwan. Never seen one? That’s because HDTV receivers are often integrated into other equipment in the personal […]

Digital Set-top Box

Whether you like it or not, this summer your analog television will be completely useless unless you switch over to digital cable. This can seem like a hefty proposition, but with the right information, a government coupon to save $40 and some patience and open mindedness, you’ll be watching your favorite television channels in high-def […]

PDA GPS Receiver

PDA GPS receivers allow you the ease of a compact GPS so that the busy driver can get where he needs to go on time. There are many features you want to consider when purchasing PDA GPS receiver, including what kinds of maps are available, whether the antenna is small and indiscreet, how many points […]

Digital Audio Receiver

Many people may not realize how prevalent the digital audio receiver has become in recent years. This is in part due to the fact that the world of digital music sources has taken off in recent times. Now there are more and more people who are getting their music through MP3’s instead of through traditional […]

Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, PDA users can now easily use their handheld devices for GPS (Global Positioning System), meaning they don’t have to get lost on the highway on the way to that business meeting anymore. In the past, you could turn your PDA into a navigator, but it required bulky (and costly) appendages. Below […]