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Digital SLR Camera

Digital SLR camera stands for “digital single-lens reflex camera”. They are considered top of the line professional cameras with interchangeable lens mounts, unlike more affordable camera models with static unchangeable lenses. These DSLR cameras are known for their excellent image quality and for being closer in design to an older “film style” camera, making these […]

Sony Cyber-shot

Those who are seeking a good deal on a quality digital camera will certainly want to take the time to consider the Sony Cyber-shot series. These cameras are some of the best devices for taking pictures and filming video, meaning that you will need to take the time to look at some of the different […]

FujiFilm FinePix Camera

FujiFilm offers a full line of cameras that are excellent for both professional and personal use. The FujiFilm FinePix camera line includes many compact cameras that operate using fairly small image sensors. Typically, FujiFilm FinePix compact cameras use a 1 to 2.3 inch image sensor while some use a ½ inch image sensor. The more […]

Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera

Digital cameras are almost an essential gadget in this day and age. People of all ages seem to have, or want one. Even those who have no interest in photography whatsoever will usually possess one. They can be great for capturing those moments that you don’t want to forget. They are also convenient. Once the […]

Touch Screen Digital Cameras

Nowadays, it is almost granted that any touch screen gadget turns out popular and rule over the market hype. Touch screens gives off a sleek, streamlined outlook to widgets and a current favorite has arrived: the touch screen digital cameras. Aside from the feeling of looking classy with such a device at hand, touch screen […]

Canon Digital SLR Camera

Everyone loves pictures but not everyone is into photography. There are many amateur photographers that are serious about what camera they would love to have. Before 2005 only professional photographers were able to use the digital SLR cameras. This is because these cameras were extremely expensive. However, some models are available on the market today […]

Wide Angle Digital Camera

A wide angle lens is a lens that has a larger viewing image and a smaller focal point than a normal lens. To put it another way, a wide angle lens can take a bigger picture at a shorter distance. They are very useful for people who need to take pictures of large structures without […]

Canon EOS Rebel

The E0S Digital Rebel is a 35mm shutter SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) auto focus camera with multi-modes, auto exposure and built-in motor drive. It is often ranked in top 10 of Canon cameras as it brings excellent SLR picture quality which is comprised from the existence of a 6.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor and the elite Digic […]

Kodak Digital Camera

Kodak is one of the most respected brands in photography and their cameras are well known for their quality. It’s not surprising then that more than one in five cameras sold today is a Kodak digital camera. They make basic models for casual users, advanced models for professionals, and a range of models in between. […]

Waterproof Digital Camera

Digital cameras have become extremely popular in the last few years. Although they still make cameras that take film they are becoming fewer and harder to find. Everything has gone digital in the last decade and it makes life a little easier. Digital cameras themselves have even improved since they were first invented. From low […]

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera

There are endless reasons why a Canon Powershot digital camera is a good investment.

Nikon Coolpix

One of the nice things about owning a Nikon Coolpix digital camera is the fact that it is portable and it is easy to grab it and snag a picture at any given moment. Naturally, for those who are into picture taking, you want a digital camera that will meet your need to take great […]

Canon Speedlite Flash

One of the most popular systems in photography is the Canon Speedlite flash unit. This is because the makers of this machine have worked hard to ensure that the digital quality of the photographs that are taken with this camera work to their full potential and this is especially true for camera shots that require […]

Pentax Digital Camera

The tech savvy modern world has seen all types of digital gadgets including the digital cameras enter the market in the past ten to twenty years. There are a number of brands and classifications available in the market today. The process of selecting a digital camera has become very tough job because of the varieties […]

Underwater Digital Camera

Underwater photography is a challenging and rewarding hobby for many people and a career for a lucky few. An underwater digital camera can be very expensive but there are a few cheaper options for the amateur diver on a budget. A camera housing is a sealed plastic box that fits a regular camera ands keeps […]

Digital Video Camera

Video cameras have come a long way since the original models were introduced. The main improvement in that time has been the shift from analogue to digital. Digital cameras provide better picture quality and allow videos to be quickly copied to a computer and uploaded to the internet. The digital video camera has been so […]

Fujifilm Digital Camera

Are you into taking a lot of photographs? Perhaps you are taking a photography class to learn more about taking pictures so you can enjoy your pastime hobby a lot more. Maybe you are just now thinking of entering a photo contest online. A Fujifilm digital camera can help you have fun with your hobby […]

Polaroid Digital Camera

When most people think of Polaroid, they’re likely to think of the instant cameras that dominated during the 1980s. However, the Polaroid camera industry has lasted well into the 21-st century, with a wide array of digital camera for every level of expertise, from beginner to enthusiast to expert … and even a waterproof model […]

Olympus Digital Cameras

Olympus digital cameras are one of the top brands of digital cameras on the market today. Known for their versatility and cutting edge technology, Olympus digital cameras are made by a company so ambitious that it was named after the home of the god’s themselves – Mount Olympus. Contrary to images that Mount Olympus might […]

Casio Exilim Digital Camera

Buying a digital camera will require you to look at a number of features and determine the ones that you find to be important in a camera. The features that you choose for your digital camera will enhance your use of the camera and allow you to take the kind of pictures that you want […]

Camera Phone

It seems as though almost every cell phone on the market today is a camera phone. At one time there were only a few models of phone that had the additional camera on the device, but now it would be unusual if your phone was not a camera phone. What is the benefit of having […]

Panasonic Digital Camera

Panasonic is well known for producing such consumer electronic goods as televisions and appliances, but less well known is the fact that the company also produces their own line of Panasonic digital cameras. These cameras range from the low to the mid range in price, and even though Panasonic digital cameras may not be a […]

Nikon Digital Camera

Digital cameras have become all the rage and it is common to find one in every household. From a hi-tech, luxury item, they have become must-have accessories for every occasion and users cannot get enough of the convenience and quality offered by digital cameras or digicams, as they are called. Digicams are very different from […]

Digital Camera Binoculars

There are many hobbies that can take advantage of digital camera binoculars. People who love to look at nature while they are hiking, or bird watchers will have a great ability to look for the amazing species of birds with the binoculars and snap a photo when they finally find one. These are the perfect […]

Digital Camera

Are you shopping for a digital camera? If so then you have a wealth of options to choose from. There are a few things that you will need to look at in your potential purchase, and many of these depend on whether or not this is your first digital camera. If you have relied on […]

Canon Digital Camera

From small point and shoots to large scale professional SLRs (single lens reflex cameras), Canon is a popular brand for digital cameras. The products receive consistently high ratings from consumer websites, and user credit the cameras’ sturdy structure and solid images. Most notable for their Digital Rebel series of SLRs, Canon remains a digital camera […]

Sony Digital Camera

Educate yourself on all available features before you set out to buy a Sony digital camera. Pixels will influence the quality of the image, optical zoom will influence how close the objects appear in the image and memory, the number of pictures you can hold in your camera at one time. Knowing the purpose of […]