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Dual Basket Deep Fryer

If you generally enjoy eating fried foods and typically cook foods in a deep fryer then a dual basket deep fryer may be very beneficial. These fryers give you much more flexibility when deep frying because they provide you with two different baskets for frying. You can fry two different foods at the same time […]

Electric Deep Fryer

If you wish to make delicious fried foods in the comfort of your own home you should look into purchasing an electric deep fryer. An electric deep fryer is able to heat up oil to the perfect temperature and will allow you to cook the perfect fried food. You are able to fry numerous foods […]

Home Pressure Fryer

Pressure cooking is no longer reserved for restaurants. Those wanting to produce restaurant quality fried foods at home now have the opportunity with a home pressure fryer. Using a pressure fryer can help you to prepare foods much more quickly than with traditional frying and gives your food the taste of being professionally prepared. Pressure […]

Electric Turkey Fryer

An electric turkey fryer is a device that is used to deep-fry turkeys. After several accidents resulting in consumers being burned during the first few years of the device being promoted, several safety precautions have been added making is much safer to use. Prior to the electric version of the device, the only way to […]

Deep Fryer

A deep fryer is an appliance that is used to cook dishes that require the ingredients to be submerged in boiling oil. The commonest example of such foods is French fries. In fact, most commercial French fries makers use a huge deep fryer where a large volume of fries can be cooked in each batch. […]