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Portable Electric Stove

There are many uses for a portable electric stove. It can be used at home, while on a camping trip, and in numerous other situations. The portable electric stove is a convenient device which can be extremely useful for those that live in a small living area. For instance, if you live in a college […]

Portable Cooktops

A portable cooktop is essentially a single burner cooking unit that has traditionally been called a ‘hot plate’ in the past. You can also buy a portable one that has two burners. The portable cooktop is placed on a countertop or any other flat heat resistant surface. These are very convenient for use in a […]

Downdraft Electric Cooktop

A downdraft electric cooktop is a solid investment, especially so when it is used in a kitchen island as there will no longer be a need for a range hood. On the other hand, there are many different choices for cooktops so you will want to weigh your options closely before making a final decision. […]

Downdraft Cooktop

Island kitchens are very popular nowadays, and they are indeed very practical and elegant looking. The great thing about the type of stove used in a island kitchen design is how it allows for additional room for preparing you meals, and it even promotes social interaction as you can gather your friends around the stove […]

Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel is one of the most popular types of steel, specially reinforced with a significant percentage of chromium and nickel as well as trace amounts of carbon – which not only make it largely immune to rust and corrosion, but also allow it to withstand extremely high temperatures. Stainless steel has many applications, due […]

Two Burner Electric Cooktop

Cooktops are essential elements in any kitchen anywhere in the world. One would hardly ever find a kitchen that is deprived of this crucial component. Cooktops have evolved throughout its history from traditional gas cooktops, which are still widely popular, to induction or electric cooktops. In the modern day futuristic kitchen, electric cooktops have become […]

Downdraft Gas Cooktop

If you have limited space, downdraft gas cook tops will be the perfect fit. If you are on a budget it will also be best to purchase a cheap gas cook top since they are a lot cheaper than buying a full “hood” setup. Although gas cook tops may not have the most efficient and […]

Stainless Steel Cooktop

Unless you are an avid cook and love to be in the kitchen cooking you probably have never given the idea of a stainless steel cooktop a second thought. If you are designing a new kitchen you may be thinking of adding a stainless steel cooktop along with other stainless steel appliances like a stainless […]

Electric Cooktop

For millions of years, before the advent of modern technology like electronic cooktops, our ancestors cooked their food in one way and one way only – with fire. While this is a very adventurous way to cook, and some grilling aficionados will even swear to you that fire is the best way to cook meat, […]

Induction Cooktop

Ever since our earliest ancestors realized that meat was even tastier if you stuck it on the end of a stick and held it over an open flame for a short time, human beings have been searching for an inventing new ways to cook food. From the open flame to the coal stove to the […]

Gas Cooktop

Throughout time, people have used many different fuels to get their food cooked, but perhaps one of the most famous and most lauded cooking fuels is natural gas. Everyone from parents looking to put a tasty and nutritious meal on the table to gourmet chefs at 5 start restaurants everywhere in the world swear by […]

Kitchen Cooktop

If most fathers would love to have their own office at home, mothers would also love to have a room of their own where they can do their work – and that is the kitchen. More often than not, mothers dream of having fabulous kitchens that they can consider as their workplace. A nice and […]