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HDMI Connector

High Definition Multi-media Interface (HDMI) is a method sending a digital video signal from a connecting device to your television. Normally to send these signals the original connecting device is required to make a conversion of digital-to-analog for the process to work properly. This conversion will cause some data loss but can be avoided with […]

XLR Cable Adapters

Electronics today can seem to be little more than a just a jumble of electrical cords and cables. Because of the sheer number of different cables and connectors, choosing the right one can be tricky and difficult. Basically, cables vary with gauge number and with the conductor type that is used. The gauge number is […]

SPDIF Connector

Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format (SPDIF), or otherwise known as “Sony Philips Digital InterFace,” is mostly a variation of AES/EBU. The only real differences between the two would be a minor modification of the protocol and the fact that SPDIF connectors are less expensive. SPDIF is a data link layer protocol that is used for transferring […]

PCB Connectors

Everything from computers to toasters now has a printed circuit board (PCB) inside it, and many devices often have more than one. A PCB is a sheet of insulating material that has many thin copper tracks running across it. The tracks carry electrical power and data signals between the components and the PCB connectors. A […]

RCA Splitter

Splitters have been around for as long as there were electronic connectors. Be it used for the transfer of sound, video or just plain electricity. Electronic connectors had shown up as a miracle to the electric current (sound, video, data etc.) industry. It was not long after that these electric currents (signals) needed to be […]

Amphenol Connector

In the world of connectors, Amphenol is a worthy name. Amphenol Phenolic Corporation is one of the biggest manufacturers of connectors of the electric and fiber optic type. Its popularity has been so much so that, in the world of electrical engineering, electricians and scientists are often found differentiating and being able to recognize by […]

BNC Connector

You may or may not be familiar with what a BNC connector is. With so many connectors and adapters, cables and cords, it becomes a little overwhelming trying to determine what each part does and goes to. A BNC connector is the abbreviated term for a Bayonet Nut Coupling. You may have heard of a […]

SATA Connector

Technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade, especially when it comes to computer parts and peripherals. In the past, slow and sluggish hard drives were made even slower because of inefficient connectors that relayed information from the hard drive to the motherboard, which is the platform inside your computer that makes […]

Coaxial Cable Connector

Coaxial Cables, or RF cables, are best known for carrying the signal we use to watch TV. Most of us recognize them by their plastic covering (usually black or white), their metal heads (which are made to screw on to cable output and input jacks), and the thin, metal connector that protrudes from its middle. […]

RCA Connector

The RCA connector is one of the oldest ways that we still use to connect video (and audio) to a Television set. Virtually every person who uses a TV has become very familiar with the yellow, red and white cables that magically transform a black TV screen into a quality image and booming sound (ideally). […]

Pin Connector

A pin connector is a type of connector used on many different pieces of computer equipment. There are many different types of pin connectors; some are used only on internal pieces of equipment. These internal connectors may be used to connect hard drives, CD/DVD drives, sound cards, or other internal cards and devices to the […]

USB Connector

The USB cable is a standard accessory included with every computer or peripheral device sold today. Most computer users are familiar with the common rectangular USB connector, but there are others that have different shapes which are less well known. It is also easy to mistake a FireWire connector for a USB connector since both […]