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All-in-One Computers

There’s nothing the average computer user likes less than cluttered cables, hardware errors, and the endless search for drivers that many PCs can require. It’s a symptom of the do-it-yourself PC world, and one that’s being rapidly eliminated by all-in-one computers. These PCs, despite using the same components as any other, are built inside a […]

Linux Thin Client

Linux along with many leading industry organizations are pushing for the use of Linux desktop operating systems as the preferred choice of computer at home and at work. A thin client can best be described as a device that is connected to the server rather than the actual desktop. Linux thin clients are able to […]

Tablet PC

It goes without saying that portable computers are very popular these days. Sales of notebooks and netbooks have increased dramatically in the past few years. The convenience of having a computer available at all times is very attractive to many people. There are plenty of different types to choose from, but some types are far […]

HP TouchSmart

Whoever thought that one day we would all be able to simply touch a computer screen to navigate through programs rather than using a mouse or keyboard? With the introduction of the innovative technology introduced by HP TouchSmart, that day is now here. When you hear people talking about HP TouchSmart they are talking about […]

Touch Screen Computer

Touch screen is one revolutionary concept in the information processing world where instructions can be transmitted or obtained not by the click of a button, but just by the power of a touch. The credit for the first touch sensor goes to Doctor Sam Herst, who was an instructor at the University of Kentucky. His […]

Multimedia Computer

A multimedia computer is a computer that is built and developed with the specific purpose of player movies, pictures, music, and/or video games. The term “multimedia computer” has faded in and out of the public consciousness since the late 80’s, and its specific meaning has also changed much. This is mostly due to the constant […]

HP Thin Client

Thin clients are a newer type of computer system that many offices are switching to in order to save money and have more information security. A lot of people may not have heard of a thin client before but they are becoming more popular across the world each day. Any type of office setting that […]

Multimedia Barebone

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about multimedia barebone systems and because it is such a fresh trend in home entertainment not many individuals know what it actually is. Multimedia barebone systems stem from barebone computers; these are basically a step between buying a fully-loaded system as a package and building your own system […]

Pocket PC

A Pocket PC is a small device that is really a mini computer. It can have spreadsheets, a word processor, games, calculators, drawing software etc. You can get on the internet with your Pocket PC and the new ones have Bluetooth capabilities and other wireless accessories. In fact, 3G technology has made the pocket pc […]

Notebook Computer

In the past few years, the notebook computer has gone from being an executive toy to the most popular type of computer sold today. For anyone looking to buy a new computer, a notebook is now a good alternative to a desktop machine. They can perform almost every computing task required of them and there […]


In the past few years, a new type of personal computer has been creating a great deal of excitement. The netbook is a small notebook that is used mostly for email and web browsing. Some manufacturers call them mini-laptops or sub-notebooks but netbook is the most commonly used term. They are not as powerful as […]

HP iPAQ Pocket PC

The Pocket PC sits somewhere between a mobile smartphone and a notebook computer. It is ideal for those who want serious processing power in a handheld device that is lightweight and easy to carry. The HP iPAQ Pocket PC has been one of the most popular brands over the years, and there are currently two […]

Business Laptop Computer

A business laptop computer is designed for business people and students who travel frequently and need to work away from their desks. They are normally used for writing letters, editing spreadsheets, sending emails, and making presentations. The internal components are usually less than cutting edge because business software is not that demanding. They typically have […]

Desktop Computer

In today’s society, most home’s have a desktop computer in them but it can still be a confusing prospect when you go to buy a new one, especially if you are unclear about the developments in technology that have occurred since you last bought a desktop computer. For example, the operating systems have changed, and […]

Laptop Computer

With the ubiquity of laptop computers today in every school, office, and coffee shop, it is hard to imagine that laptops were once considered a niche market and thought to only be useful in specialized applications such as for use in military field operations or by the IRS or traveling salespeople. Though that might have […]