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Dual Core Processors

The processor industry is now, without doubt, being taken over by dual core processors. Intel, IBM and AMD appear to be the market leaders in this type of technology. A dual core processor is literally like having a dual processing system all inside one processor. Two processor cores are fitted onto one die. This will […]

Intel Atom Processor

There is no denying that the hardware in netbooks and laptops is far from impressive. It can be understandable to have a relatively small hard drive in a netbook or laptop though. These computers are designed for light use and the most important specifications would be the processor. The Intel Atom processor was designed for […]

Socket 478 Processor

From all the manufacturers of computer chips and components aimed for use in domestic personal computers, Intel is doubtlessly the most reputable and award-winning hardware developer. This company is always in the forefront, when it comes to developing faster and more advanced computer hardware; that’s something which is readily available in the newest Socket 478 […]

Intel Processor

Today, Intel Corporation is a giant in the processor market. It is easily the most popular (and in many opinions, the best) brand of processor available, and it has been for over a decade. Although Intel is seeing more competition now than ever, in the form of Apple computers and AMD, it still is the […]

AMD Athlon Processor

The AMD Athlon processor is the most popular processor of choice among many pc users and especially hard core gamers. The AMD Athlon processor can do so much more than just email, web browsing and word processing. It is the best choice for those in businesses, schools and those into gaming. The Athlon processor is […]

Intel Celeron Processors

Since the late 1990’s, Intel Celeron processors have been produced for budget-conscious computer buyers. Celeron has become well known as the low-cost alternative to Intel’s other brands, like Pentium and Core 2 Duo. Celeron processors generally offer less features and worse performance in exchange for their less expensive price. Consumers looking into Celeron processors must […]

Quad Core Processor

The latest innovation to hit the computer industry is the quad core processor. The four cores inside it provide greater performance compared to processors with fewer cores but only when they are used together. Both Intel and AMD have several of these powerful new processors in their lineups, and many new desktop and notebook computers […]

Laptop Processor

A laptop processor, just as in a desktop computer, is the central processing unit (CPU) or the brain center of the notebook computer. There are two main types of laptop processors on the market: Intel and AMD. Each company makes several processors and each one has its own pros and cons. In order to choose […]

AMD Processor

Some might say that a computer is only as good as its microprocessor. Truly, a microprocessor (sometimes simply called a processor) is the heart of any computer, server or other similar machine. A processor (which can also be called a CPU or central processing unit) is a complete computation engine fabricated based on a single […]

Dual Core Processor

Do you have a dual core processor on your laptop or notebook? If you have two independent processors in one integrated circuit on your notebook, you have one with what is called a dual core processor. It’s the same as having two microprocessors in one. You may have noticed such technological terminology as “Intel Core […]