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Motherboard Bundles

The demand for using motherboard bundles to build systems is becoming increasingly popular by the day. They are most often used to either assemble or update your computer with the greatest of ease and also extremely quickly. A motherboard bundle can best be described as an assimilation of other individual computer components. They basically consist […]

Intel Processor

Today, Intel Corporation is a giant in the processor market. It is easily the most popular (and in many opinions, the best) brand of processor available, and it has been for over a decade. Although Intel is seeing more competition now than ever, in the form of Apple computers and AMD, it still is the […]

CPU Fans

CPU fans are the most essential part of a computer although many fail to recognize their importance. CPU fans keep the system cool and ensure over heating is avoided to give optimum work performance. The temperature inside the CPU should never go beyond 96 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very essential to keep the CPU cool […]

Computer Case

If you are into building your own computers, you know how important the computer case is. It will house your motherboard, CPU, video cards, hard drives and optical drives. Most of them are made out of aluminum or steel, but there are a few that are made out of plastic. They can vary in category, […]

Graphics Tablet

Using a normal laptop for digital artwork and similar computer graphics activities can limit what you can do quite a bit. With a normal computer mouse, drawing graphics in a program like Adobe Photoshop can be very difficult. Even after a lot of experience with a normal computer mouse for drawing, you cannot match the […]

ATX Power Supply

An ATX power supply is one of the most important components in a computer. This is the component that provides electricity to the system by converting alternating current electricity from the wall outlet to direct current to the motherboard on a computer. You will find the ATX power supply at the rear of a computer […]

CPU Heatsink

Computers are full of all sorts of important parts. Most of the parts we find in our computers are necessary in order for the computer to function properly. There are hard drives, processors, fans, mother boards and many more parts that allow the computer to run. You may or may not be familiar with computers […]

Quad Core Processor

The latest innovation to hit the computer industry is the quad core processor. The four cores inside it provide greater performance compared to processors with fewer cores but only when they are used together. Both Intel and AMD have several of these powerful new processors in their lineups, and many new desktop and notebook computers […]

Motherboard CPU Combo

Desktop computers have fallen to price levels that were unimaginable a few years ago. A brand new model can be bought for just a few hundred dollars today. The growing popularity of notebooks, netbooks, and mobile smartphones is the main reason that prices are falling. Instead of upgrading their desktop computers, many buyers are choosing […]

Pin Connector

A pin connector is a type of connector used on many different pieces of computer equipment. There are many different types of pin connectors; some are used only on internal pieces of equipment. These internal connectors may be used to connect hard drives, CD/DVD drives, sound cards, or other internal cards and devices to the […]

Tower Computer Case

In today’s market, computer geeks have several choices when it comes to choosing the tower computer case that they like. Tower computer cases have a way of being used now to express their personal likes as well as being used to set their system apart from all others. Gone are the days of everyone only […]

AMD Processor

Some might say that a computer is only as good as its microprocessor. Truly, a microprocessor (sometimes simply called a processor) is the heart of any computer, server or other similar machine. A processor (which can also be called a CPU or central processing unit) is a complete computation engine fabricated based on a single […]

Computer Monitor

There are two main criteria for buying a monitor – its physical size and its resolution. Resolution is the ability to render more detail. If you need to work with graphics or play graphics-intensive games, buy a monitor with higher resolution. Even if you buy it online, check it personally at a computer store. It […]

Computer Speakers

Almost without fail, the speakers that come with your computer will not be of good quality. There are all kinds of qualities to consider when shopping for a speaker set for your computer, and these include budget, amount of sound, sound quality, physical space for the speakers, and more. Make sure you do your research […]

SATA Hard Drive

SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment and is the newest technology for connecting internal hard drives to motherboards. In the past, Parallel ATAs Attachments were the standard, but SATAs have eclipsed the PATAs in both performance and the fact that SATAs do not contain wires. SATA technology also costs less. SATAs are designed for […]

Computer Cables

As is usually the case with trends, they bring with them accessories and side effects that we could never imagine. Take the computer, for example, sure they allow us to process data quickly, store it securely an even browse arguably man’s greatest invention, the internet, but they also came with many side effects that the […]

Optical Mouse

Imagine being able to compute anywhere you want without worrying about difficult hook-ups and cords. For some people hey don’t have to imagine; they are the owners of optical mice. An optical mouse, an advancement from the more traditional older mouses with rollers and balls, uses digital camera technology to narrow down a mouse’s location. […]

DDR RAM Memory

Most computer owners will need to upgrade their computer memory at some time to run the latest software. Every new operating system, video game, and business application that comes along typically needs more memory than the last version. DDR RAM memory is currently the most common type used in laptops and desktop computers. It is […]

CPU Cooler

To operate, the internal components of computer’s generate vast amounts of heat. To displace that heat, and make sure that the computer maintains a safe operating temperature, computers come equipped with a CPU cooler. It is important to keep a well-maintained CPU cooler, because, if a computer is allowed to overheat, high temperatures can cause […]

Wireless Mouse

Just like their rodent namesakes, computer mice have always come equipped with their long tail. In fact, the term “mouse” was coined at the Stanford Research Institute simply because these small devices resembled those small furry pests. Though in the case of a computer mouse, the “tail” has always been a cord that connects the […]


Motherboard. The name itself invokes importance. Something that cannot be done without. Well, it’s true. A motherboard is the largest component of your CPU case and connects all the other components, helping them work and communicate. If you opened the case and laid it horizontally, the large, flat, green plate you see is the motherboard. […]

Desktop Computer

In today’s society, most home’s have a desktop computer in them but it can still be a confusing prospect when you go to buy a new one, especially if you are unclear about the developments in technology that have occurred since you last bought a desktop computer. For example, the operating systems have changed, and […]

Computer Keyboard

The computer keyboard is a necessary component of any computer. It performs certain important tasks for your computer. A computer keyboard has both internal and external parts. Some common keyboards are used by people today are the 101-key enhanced keyboard, 104-key windows keyboard, Apple’s 82-key standard keyboard and their 108-key extended keyboard. The internal parts […]

RAM Memory

Random Access Memory is probably the most heard of computer component. It is definitely one of the most important types of memory in a computer. (Yes, a computer has many different types of memory to suit the needs of different types of data) For the most part, the other memory you’ve heard of is Read […]

Graphics Card

If you are a person who enjoys playing computer video games, then you probably already know about the capabilities of a graphics card. If not, however, you should know that a graphics card is designed to generate the images that are displayed on your computer screen. This is not all though, as some of the […]

Computer Power Supply

You’ve probably not heard much about this particular component of your PC, but that’s because most of the time you can’t really see it and it does get taken for granted. But, what would a PC be without its power supply box? Most of us are so awed by the amazing things possible on a […]

Dual Core Processor

Do you have a dual core processor on your laptop or notebook? If you have two independent processors in one integrated circuit on your notebook, you have one with what is called a dual core processor. It’s the same as having two microprocessors in one. You may have noticed such technological terminology as “Intel Core […]

Sound Card

If you are big into computers, you probably already know about the sound card and how it interacts with your machine. However, if you are not well versed in computer technology, you may find yourself confused when people talk about buying a sound card to upgrade their system. The first thing that you should know […]

Bluetooth Keyboard

Even if you not are someone who uses a lot of technologically advanced electronic equipment, you have probably heard about Bluetooth technology. After all, everything from televisions to cell phones has Bluetooth in them now, and it is something that is working to connect all of our electronic devices. Now you can take this one […]

Laptop Computer

With the ubiquity of laptop computers today in every school, office, and coffee shop, it is hard to imagine that laptops were once considered a niche market and thought to only be useful in specialized applications such as for use in military field operations or by the IRS or traveling salespeople. Though that might have […]