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USB Touchpad Mouse

The first computer mouse was invented about 35 years ago by a man named Douglas Englebart. Since then there have been many chances and updates made to the computer mouse to the point where now there is a USB touchpad mouse available to the public. The touchpad mouse does not look at all like the […]

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse, as the name suggests, is an electronic mouse designed specifically for the use of playing games on your computer. They only really came about at the start of the millennium, but since then, developers have come up with thousands of different styles, some that will cost you an arm and a leg, […]

Apple Magic Mouse

It is a safe bet that everyone who uses a computer also knows how to use a mouse, but the new Apple Magic Mouse might leave some people feeling a little confused. The most striking difference compared to other mice is that it has no buttons or scroll wheel. They have been replaced by a […]

Ergonomic Mouse

If you have carpal tunnel, you may want to consider switching to an ergonomic mouse if you do a lot of typing or use your computer a lot. An ergonomic mouse has a unique design that allows you to keep your hand in a comfortable position when using the mouse. It is thought to relieve […]

Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

Business Professionals can benefit from using a wireless Bluetooth mouse when making their presentations. Have you ever tried to make a presentation by using your digital projector, computer, keyboard and mouse? If you have, did you get frustrated and nervous because you had to navigate through all of the wires? You may have noticed how […]

Trackman Mouse

To many individuals, using a mouse without moving the mouse itself would seem absurd. However, that is the case with the Trackman Mouse. They are the complete opposite of regular mice as they are operated by moving the track ball instead of the whole mouse. Though they are less popular than conventional mice, they are […]

Wireless Laser Mouse

Everybody talks much more about differences between Intel and AMD, between MAC and PC, but almost no one talks about differences among mice. Mice are incredibly important for user comfort. Optical or not, cordless or not – you’ll work faster and with less stress with a better mouse. Currently, there is a further feature to […]

Cordless Mouse

The cordless mouse offers you the comforts of an ergonomically correct device, plus the ease of not having to deal with wires. This is especially useful for those on the go, and those who give presentations in conference rooms and need to move around or pass around the mouse. You may want to try out […]

Microsoft Optical Mouse

Microsoft makes a number of different products, and one line of their products that has proven quite popular is their line of Microsoft optical mice. A Microsoft optical mouse makes use of a light emitting diode along with photodiodes to detect the movement of the mouse. Prior to this technology, mice used small rubber balls […]

Bluetooth Mouse

Given the buzz around Bluetooth technology, you may have been asking yourself what exactly a Bluetooth mouse has to offer that a regular RF wireless mouse does not. Well, the answer simply lies in the quality of connectivity in both cases. If you are thinking of adding Bluetooth to your system, then there is an […]

Notebook Mouse

The growing popularity of notebooks and netbooks has created a market for scores of new accessories. One of the more useful of these is the notebook mouse, which is just a smaller version of the regular desktop mouse. Portable computers do not require a mouse because they have a trackpad built into them. However, many […]

Logitech Mouse

A mouse is a ubiquitous and necessary device for any desktop PC user, but they are also so run of the mill that many people don’t give them much thought beyond smacking them when they refuse to work and cleaning out the trackball once in awhile. But mice are important, and as Swiss corporation Logitech […]

Wireless Optical Mouse

What would we do without mice? No, I don’t mean the small, hairy, cheese nibbling kind. As far as I’m concerned, the world would be perfectly fine without those little guys. No, what would we do without computer mice? First of all, our computers would be a much less interactive place. We would not be […]

Optical Mouse

Imagine being able to compute anywhere you want without worrying about difficult hook-ups and cords. For some people hey don’t have to imagine; they are the owners of optical mice. An optical mouse, an advancement from the more traditional older mouses with rollers and balls, uses digital camera technology to narrow down a mouse’s location. […]

Wireless Mouse

Just like their rodent namesakes, computer mice have always come equipped with their long tail. In fact, the term “mouse” was coined at the Stanford Research Institute simply because these small devices resembled those small furry pests. Though in the case of a computer mouse, the “tail” has always been a cord that connects the […]