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Dual Monitor Stand

Most people spend a significant portion of their day on a computer. Whether they work for someone else or run their own company, more of the work that is done across the globe involves email and the Internet. As a result of the amount of time people spend on their computer, it makes sense that […]

LCD Computer Monitor

Are you building a new computer and trying to decide what type of monitor to use? If your old monitor is just not big enough anymore or the images just not clear enough, you should consider getting a LCD computer monitor. LCD is so much better than the old cathode ray tube or CRT. Not […]

Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors are some of the most amazing and impressive monitors you’ll ever find. There are thousands of different types of gaming monitors, so the problem is not whether to buy one, but which one to choose! Some have various MS, some have various widths and heights, some work better with certain graphics card, but […]

Desktop Monitor

Desktop monitors have come a long way in the past 10 years. Gone are the huge and heavy monitors of old that used to take up most of the space on anybody’s desk. The technology used for desktop monitors has changed completely, and now almost every monitor is a flat screen monitor that weighs under […]

Viewsonic Monitor

When you purchase your computer, a new monitor may or may not be included. If your computer did not come with a monitor then you may need to purchase one separately. Other times you may need to purchase a new monitor could be because your monitor has stopped working correctly or you just want to […]

Samsung SyncMaster

With the prices of computer monitors at historic lows, there is no better time to buy a new model. Anyone who is still using an old CRT monitor or a small LCD monitor should consider upgrading before prices start rising again. But with so many brands on the market, choosing the right one can be […]

Widescreen LCD Monitor

Most of the job opportunities in the modern world require the employees to sit in front of their computers for long hours. This is the reason why most of the new age employees are looking forward to the widescreen LCD monitors. There is also a strong aesthetic pull for the employees to own one of […]

Widescreen Computer Monitor

For those who prefer more out of their computer monitor, there is the widescreen computer monitor. There are many factors to consider, including monitor width, resolution, how it adjusts on its stand, how many “dead pixels” are present, and what you are using the monitor for. The Viewsonic VX1940w is considered a good value with […]

Flat Panel Monitor

Let me show you 2 monitors that seem identical – both are 21- inch wide, both are compatible with the latest video and graphics card, and both can handle very high resolutions. However, one of these monitors is a flat panel monitor while the other one is the usual CRT monitor – the one that […]

Computer Monitor

There are two main criteria for buying a monitor – its physical size and its resolution. Resolution is the ability to render more detail. If you need to work with graphics or play graphics-intensive games, buy a monitor with higher resolution. Even if you buy it online, check it personally at a computer store. It […]

Flat Screen Monitor

Do you remember when a computing work station was huge? With large computer CPUs, gigantic peripherals, and enormous, heavy computer monitors, any type of desk was dwarfed under all that hardware. Luckily for those of us with home computer work stations, things have improved significantly on the size front. As with most technology, advancements have […]

LCD Monitor

Before the advent of LCD monitors, computer users were stuck with huge CRT monitors. With their bulky, wide size, and weight over 30-50 pounds, these monster monitors cluttered desks and made transport a nightmare. LCD monitors, on the other hand, which are 2 to 3 inches wide and often weigh in under 10 pounds, have […]