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Macintosh RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a key component of every computer, including every Apple Macintosh ever made. It provides a small but extremely fast space for the processor to store data, without having to constantly access the slow hard drive. It soon becomes apparent when your computer has run out of RAM because applications slow […]

Desktop Memory

Your computer’s processor is a very important part of how well it performs but the desktop memory is almost as important. If your computer has a small amount of RAM then it will not perform up to your needs. For your computer to maintain full functionality it will require a fair amount of RAM. The […]

Read-Only Memory

A Read-Only Memory (ROM) chip can be found in computers and indeed most electronic items. The chip is programmed with specific data and is typically integrated within your device. The data stored within a ROM is often referred to as “non-volatile”. This simply means that when the power is removed the data stored within the […]

NAND Flash Memory

Flash memory involves specific technology that allows it to retain data even when the supply of power is turned off. NAND is a specific form of flash memory. This type of flash is much faster than NOR flash memory but uses basically the same principles. You will find flash memory in a wide variety of […]

Memory Heat Spreader

For some people, having a fast computer is a necessity, since they use their PC in their work. For others, having a faster computer is also a passion and even a hobby, especially if they are overclocking enthusiasts. As you might know, factory settings usually favor security and reliability over performance, so they usually keep […]

Laptop RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a fast type of computer memory used for the temporary storage of data. Several sticks of RAM can often be found next to the processor on the mainboard. The RAM holds the data that the software running on the processor needs to use frequently. RAM is essential for avoiding delays, […]

Flash Memory Card

We’ve all heard of this term quite a lot. We even know what they look like. So you might refer to your memory stick or pen drive as flash drive or you might call the memory card in your game console as a flash memory card. But exactly what is flash memory? And what are […]


SODIMM memory is a type of Random Access Memory (RAM) that typically is used with small devices that are trying to conserve space. They are a smaller version (about half the length) of DIMM memory, which is the dominant method of equipping computers with RAM. SODIMMs are usually used for devices like laptops, printers or […]

RDRAM Memory

RDRAM (Rambus Direct Random Access Memory) is a type of DRAM that was designed by Rambus Corporation. However, it is not simply a brand name of DRAM, as it possesses different qualities from other types of DRAM, like SDRAM, for example. Any developer of this kind of RAM has to pay Rambus Corporation royalties for […]


DDR2 SDRAM memory easily handles memory extensive studio software and can process extreme amounts of data all at once. For video gamers the benefits are obvious because it means that they can play their games without it freezing for lagging. For those who are into music or vide recording, the chances of errors are much […]

Laptop Memory

Many people seek to upgrade the memory in their computers to increase the speed and effectiveness of the machine. For a desktop computer it is rather simple and there are usually four slots to install the memory. A laptop is a bit different, however, and you will most likely only have a couple of slots […]

Intel Turbo Memory

One of the greatest innovations in computers in recent times was the development of Intel turbo memory. This technology decreased the time it takes for computers to power up and access information on the hard drive by switching some of the data that is accessed most often to flash memory. This has caused a significant […]


Those of us with older computers are sometimes greeted with the error message, “low RAM.” The “low RAM” message signals that something is wrong with our computer and it is time for a reboot. But what exactly is RAM and why does it get low? How vital is it to our computers and what types […]

DDR2 RAM Memory

Everyone is looking for a faster and more efficient computer for the many functions that we use our computer for in our lives. Most of us have a few added devices that we use with our home computers that give us an even greater level of functionality. Most of the computers today come with the […]

Notebook Memory

Why go out and buy a new notebook when you can just upgrade the memory to make it faster and have more space? It only takes about 5 minutes to upgrade your notebook memory. It is really not that hard to do and almost anyone can do it. All you have to do is figure […]

DDR RAM Memory

Most computer owners will need to upgrade their computer memory at some time to run the latest software. Every new operating system, video game, and business application that comes along typically needs more memory than the last version. DDR RAM memory is currently the most common type used in laptops and desktop computers. It is […]

Memory Card

Memory cards offer portability, re-recordability, power free storage, and, true to their name, a way to store information that you want to come back and use later. Memory cards are used in a variety of electronic devices, from mobile and handheld computers, cameras, telephones, music players, video game consoles and almost any other electronic device […]

RAM Memory

Random Access Memory is probably the most heard of computer component. It is definitely one of the most important types of memory in a computer. (Yes, a computer has many different types of memory to suit the needs of different types of data) For the most part, the other memory you’ve heard of is Read […]