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Computer Cooling Fans

Computer components are known to produce a loss of waste heat and it is vital to keep them cool in order for your computer to operate safely within certain temperature limits. There are numerous methods of cooling involved which will typically improve the overall performance of the computer processor and can actually help to reduce […]

Notebook Cooler

The computer industry is well known for its intensely competitive nature. When consumers start asking for a new product, manufacturers launch into development and production at breakneck speed. The notebook cooler is a perfect example of that competitive spirit. Shortly after media reports about notebooks overheating and causing burn marks, a wide range of models […]

PC Liquid Cooling System

The cooling system is a vital part of every personal computer. The processor and other components generate a considerable amount of heat that needs to be removed. If this is not done, problems start to occur when the components become too hot. A processor can even be destroyed if it operates without a heat sink […]

Memory Heat Spreader

For some people, having a fast computer is a necessity, since they use their PC in their work. For others, having a faster computer is also a passion and even a hobby, especially if they are overclocking enthusiasts. As you might know, factory settings usually favor security and reliability over performance, so they usually keep […]

VGA Cooler

Have you ever noticed that your computer makes a very distracting noise when you are trying to watch a movie? This is because the Video Graphics Card is overheating. Not only can this be a bit of a nuisance, but it can also be harming the hard drive. To get the best out of your […]

CPU Fans

CPU fans are the most essential part of a computer although many fail to recognize their importance. CPU fans keep the system cool and ensure over heating is avoided to give optimum work performance. The temperature inside the CPU should never go beyond 96 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very essential to keep the CPU cool […]

CPU Heatsink

Computers are full of all sorts of important parts. Most of the parts we find in our computers are necessary in order for the computer to function properly. There are hard drives, processors, fans, mother boards and many more parts that allow the computer to run. You may or may not be familiar with computers […]

CPU Cooler

To operate, the internal components of computer’s generate vast amounts of heat. To displace that heat, and make sure that the computer maintains a safe operating temperature, computers come equipped with a CPU cooler. It is important to keep a well-maintained CPU cooler, because, if a computer is allowed to overheat, high temperatures can cause […]