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Firewire Card

Firewire was first introduced by Apple Computers in 1995. Unfortunately it took a fair few years for this ingenious system of technology to catch on however once it did many tech savvy people recognized the benefits. A Firewire peripheral or device can be connected to a computer with the addition of an add-in card or […]


Although network cards are now obtainable in most computer stores, purchasing them is nonetheless a troublesome activity. For instance, a few networks use different unfamiliar interfaces like Coax. In this case, the user must know of their network interface before they purchase the cards. This is usually because the type of network cards needed varies […]

PCMCIA/CardBus Adapter

A lot of laptops, particularly notebooks are missing a CardBus slot on the computer itself. The good news, is that you can now buy a CardBus adapter to provide the slot for your laptop or notebook. These adapters will usually accept wireless broadband cards, video capture cards, and many others. These adapters can be purchased […]

Wireless Laptop Card

With the current technology in place, you have the opportunity of working from anywhere. This is through the efforts put in to bring about wireless workflow enabled laptops. The compatibility of AT&T in the beginning with most of the window-based systems and laptop-connect cards has promoted the mobile working and accessibility to customers and office […]

Wireless PC Card

In this era of mobility and connectivity, there isn’t one PC user who would want to be limited by anything, let alone connectivity. Today, connectivity is far more essential than ever before and thus, the dawn of wireless PC cards has come, and come strong. A wireless PC card is a modern day device which […]

PCI Adapter

Personal computers are designed to be modular so that components can be installed and removed as required. The PCI adapter is one of these modular components and has been a standard way of adding new functions to a computer for many years. It is used for video graphics, networking, sound processing, and many other roles. […]

Voice Interface Card

A voice interface card can range all the way from a few hundred dollars all the way up to many thousands of dollars. The voice technology strides that have been made recently are outstanding. A person using this technology in one country can talk via the internet to a person in another country without the […]

Wireless Desktop Card

Thinking of converting your desktop into a wireless system? Then you will need to install a wireless desktop card to use with a wireless router. Your wireless network card will communicate with the router at remarkably faster speeds than you ever thought possible. You’ll need to get one that works at the same speed as […]

PCI Express Card

A Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) card is a piece of computer equipment that does just what it sounds like – it essentially connects different hardware devices in a computer. PCI Express Cards are just the last in a long line of computer components that serve this purpose, and to understand their importance, it is crucial […]

Wireless PCMCIA Card

If you are like many American consumers, you get lost in the acronyms and abbreviations that seem to pepper the computing world. For example, a PC Card is a credit card sized peripheral that adds memory, mass storage, and interoperability capabilities to computers in a rugged, compact form factor. The PCMCIA is the Personal Computer […]

Wireless LAN Card

The market for wireless computing is getting bigger every day. There are new developments for using wireless devices in many more ways and places. Lots of people choose to use a wireless LAN card for their wireless computing while they are out and about. If you have seen the Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country, […]

Graphics Card

If you are a person who enjoys playing computer video games, then you probably already know about the capabilities of a graphics card. If not, however, you should know that a graphics card is designed to generate the images that are displayed on your computer screen. This is not all though, as some of the […]

PCI Video Card

A PCI video card manages and controls video and images on your monitor. The card has the ability to change incoming signals from videos so that they can be displayed on the monitor. The PCI video card is plugged into your computer’s PCI rack right by your other expansion cards. This is located in your […]

Wireless PCI Card

If you are running a network bank of computers, it can be a tedious and tiresome thing to try and keep everything sorted out; especially if you are running cables across the office or house just to try and keep all of the computers synched up. However, you can eliminate a lot of these hassles […]

Sound Card

If you are big into computers, you probably already know about the sound card and how it interacts with your machine. However, if you are not well versed in computer technology, you may find yourself confused when people talk about buying a sound card to upgrade their system. The first thing that you should know […]