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Bosch Dryers

Bosch dryers are large capacity stand alone dryer units. These dryers are some of the quietest dryers in the United States. Bosch was the Energy Star partner in 2009. Their dryers have a whisper-quiet rating of only 67dB. They are famous for their WrinkleBlock System which will intermittently tumble dry your clothes for up to […]

Portable Clothes Dryer

A portable clothes dryer is basically just a small clothes dryer on wheels. It’s made to be more lightweight and durable than a normal dryer, and it can pretty easily be moved from room to room, or stored in the house like a regular dryer. There are two types of clothes dryers: manual and electric. […]

Ventless Dryer

A dryer generally requires a dryer vent in order to operate properly. The dryer vent is responsible for exhausting the hair from the tube connected to the dryer to outside your house. This is usually an essential part of your dryer setup but you also have the option of purchasing a ventless dryer. A ventless […]

Tumble Dryer

It is a well known fact that a tumble dryer is one appliance that uses a tremendous amount of electricity or gas to operate it. A lot of people do not use their tumble dryer in good weather months as a way to save on their power bill. However, there is nothing beats having a […]

Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo

When buying a washer and dryer you have a lot of options. You could purchase a top load or front load model, a steam washer, and more. One of the better options for someone looking for a washer/dryer to place in a small area is the washer and dryer combo machine. To go a step […]

Drying Cabinet

Drying cabinets, although much more common in Japan, are slowly making their way to the United States and other countries. These cabinets are often used in place of traditional tumbling dryers in order to dry delicate clothing. A drying cabinet dries clothing that is hanging in the cabinet by providing heated air much like a […]

110 Volt Dryer

When you buy a clothes dryer for the house you are living in, it’s a fairly simple process. However, at times it can be a little tricky. Four different operators produce clothe dryers that are in account for 80% of dryer sales in all of America. These four main brands are GE, Kenmore, Maytag, and […]

Frigidaire Dryer

Having a working clothes dryer makes a big difference when it comes to doing laundry. Although many people are able to live without a dryer it allows clothes to be dry and ready in much less time than they would by hanging out to dry. Clothes dryers also make clothes softer and more flexible than […]

Condenser Dryer

For anyone who washes their clothes at home, having a working clothes dryer is equally important as having a working washing machine. Although clothes can be hung up to dry this is typically done in the warmer months. When the cooler months strike it is not exactly feasible to hang out your laundry to dry. […]

Stackable Washer & Dryer

If you are in the market for a new washer and dryer combo, you will be surprised at how many makes and models are available on the market today to choose from. There are so many choices that you may become a little overwhelmed by them all. If you happen to live in a small […]

Washer Dryer Combo

Until very recently in the perspective of history, our laundry washing technology was extremely low tech. Our ancestors – usually our female ancestors – washed dirty shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, coats and unmentionables in a running stream or in a large bucket filled with water. Using soaps made from natural plants or, more recently, bought […]

Gas Dryer

The gas dryer is a kind of dryer that people used for drying clothes. These are clothes that have been washed through other means, such as a washing machine. The gas dryer takes care of the drying part. Both heat and mechanical force are applied in these machines to expel the water present in the […]

Electric Dryer

An electric dryer is used to dry your clothing after it has been removed from your clothes washer. An electric dryer is one variant of dryer while the other is powered by gas. While the gas dryer is more prevalent in some areas, the electric dyer is the more common of the two because all […]