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Flash Memory Camcorder

We were first introduced the concept of flash memory by the use of “digital film” in a digital camera. These exact same memory cards that are found in digital cameras are now being used in flash memory camcorders. There are two ways in which a camcorder can record to flash memory – firstly, you may […]

Helmet Cam

Originally, the helmet cam was just a camcorder strapped to a bicycle helmet, but it has evolved over the years into a separate type of camera. Smaller than a camcorder, the helmet cam represents the perfect balance between portability and video quality. A basic model can be bought for less than one hundred dollars, but […]

HDD Camcorder

A HDD camcorder has a built-in hard drive that records video directly on to it. You can find them for sale in both standard-definition and high definition models. They have loads of internal memory and you can get them with up to a 120 GB hard drives. Even just a 40 GB hard drive will […]

High Definition Camcorder

HD camcorders, or High Definition camcorders, have satiated the needs of an ever thirsty consumer base seeking higher video quality. The HD camcorder’s higher resolution and rich color quality leaves you behind with a stunning visual experience. They are the wave of the future and are sure to stay among the most sought after electronic […]

Sony Camcorder

There was a time in human history, not that long ago, when the only way that one could know about various events in the past was either to have gone through them and remember them or to hear the tales from others. Modern technology however allows us nowadays to very accurately record such important or […]

JVC Camcorder

If you are like many thousands of people around the world, you are probably thinking about buying a new camcorder. The latest camcorder technology has added some of the most outstanding and cutting edge camcorders on the market today. The JVC camcorder is right in there with the best of them. Added to the thousands […]

DV Camcorder

The camcorder was introduced more than twenty years ago but it has only been in the last few years that digital models have appeared. The increasing use of computers and the internet for editing and publishing videos has been the driving force behind the shift to digital video. Digital provides many benefits over the old […]

Hard Drive Camcorder

Remember when camcorders first were introduced? They were huge cameras that had to sit on your shoulder and weighed a ton. To record your video, you almost looked like a member of a professional camera crew. You also had to keep an eye on your taping time because the old style VHS video tapes had […]

Digital Video Camera

Video cameras have come a long way since the original models were introduced. The main improvement in that time has been the shift from analogue to digital. Digital cameras provide better picture quality and allow videos to be quickly copied to a computer and uploaded to the internet. The digital video camera has been so […]

Canon Camcorders

When it comes to optical excellence, advanced image processing, as well as excellent performance, Canon is one of the brands that have a long history on these and stay on top all the time. Their excellence shows not just on their printers, point-and-shoot and digital cameras, but on their high definition Canon camcorders as well. […]

Flip Video Camcorder

Have you been staying up to date with the latest technology on video camcorders? If you have, then you already have heard about the Flip video camcorder. It is the latest gadget to hit the camcorder market. The Flip video camcorder is easy to use. It is a cigarette pack sized camcorder that takes amazingly […]

Samsung Camcorder

Family gatherings, graduations, birthday parties and traveling are just some of the reason you may want to invest in a digital camcorder. Perhaps you wan to shoot a movie … there are a whole other set of things to consider. From a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, there is a device for everybody, […]

Optical Zoom Camcorder

Today it is easier than ever to edit and create your own videos with great quality, for the enjoyment of your friends and family. There were once only a few options for your camcorder, but today there are so many more choices that you might find it a little difficult to choose the right one. […]

HD Camcorder

Home movies have been a part of our lives almost as long as the technology was available. Our parents and grandparents made home movies on shaky Super 8 cameras, and later, we moved on to video camera and camcorder technology. Camcorders are so named because they contain both a video camera and a video recorder […]

MiniDV Camcorder

MiniDV camcorders dominated the camcorder field for a long time, though now, as with most dominating technology, they are being supplanted by newer, younger, sleeker camcorders. But before discounting MiniDV camcorders entirely, it is important to remember that they still dominate sales in most first world countries, and these simple, easy to use and cost […]

Digital Camcorder

If you are someone who likes to keep and store family memories, then you should probably look into buying a digital camcorder to help you do this with ease. After all, you don’t want to miss out on losing any important events, and with a digital camcorder you can transfer all of these events and […]

Digital Video Camcorder

Today’s digital video camcorder products have gone from the old big and bulky analog gadgets down to being so small that a digital camcorder can fit into the palm of your hand. Gone are the days where you had to have both a camera and a video camcorder. Now, various cameras are available that also […]

DVD Camcorder

When it is time for you to choose and buy a DVD camcorder, there are many things that you will have to consider. There are some criteria that should be used when making a purchase like this. The DVD camcorder that you choose should have all of the features that you will require to capture […]

Sony Digital Camcorder

With competition among the big players in camera production, now is a good time to purchase a digital camcorder. Not only can you find a compact Sony digital camcorder that shoots video with a 720p resolution, you can get your photos and videos from the same device. When shopping around for a digital camcorder, there […]