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USB 2.0 Cable

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the most common connector used to hook up a keyboard, mouse, or some other peripheral device to a personal computer. It is also used to recharge a variety of portable devices, such as digital cameras and MP3 players. Every desktop and laptop computer has at least one USB port […]

USB Extension Cable

If you are looking for an easy way to extend the reach of your USB devices and USB chargers then you will need a USB extension cable. By using one of these extension cables you will be able to position many of your devices such as USB Web Cam, USB scanner, USB printer, exactly where […]

Digital Optical Cable

The recent invention of the digital optical cable has enabled audiophiles to enjoy an outstanding faultless transmission of their multi-channel soundtracks via transmission by a digital optical cable. The digital optical cable is becoming the most commonly used cable to connect game consoles, cd players, digital home theaters, and other digital hi-fi electronic equipment. This […]


Today’s electronics are much more advanced than ever before. With these advancements in the different types of video and audio devices, there comes a need for specific interfaces. SPDIF is a term that stands for Sony Philips Digital Interconnect Format. This is also referred to as a Sony/Philips Digital Interface. The SPDIF cable is used […]

Crossover Cable

Anyone who works with computer networks will soon or later have to deal with the crossover cable. Initially, it can be quite confusing because it looks almost identical to a regular cable. The most common type is the Ethernet crossover cable, followed by the null-modem cable. They are mostly used to make a direct connection […]

KVM Cable

Computers are cheap and plentiful these days, unlike in the past when owning one was considered a status symbol. Some people have a need to use many computers at the same time, either for their work or hobbies. To avoid being overwhelmed by peripheral devices, they use a KVM switch to control the computers with […]

Composite Video Cable

The composite video cable is a yellow-coded cable with an RCA plug. The cable will only carry the video signal. It is best used for standard-definition VHS tape decks to get the signal in and out to the TV and is used on the older sets. You simply plug the end of the cable into […]

Micro-USB Cables

USB (Universal Serial Bus) has been around for quite a while now. It made its first appearance slightly more than a decade ago and took the computer industry of the whole world by storm, revolutionizing methods of data transfer and peripheral connectivity. The term ‘plug and play’ fully achieved meaning only through the advent of […]

VGA Cable

A VGA cable is an extension cable that can be used to transmit your video signal between your laptop and your desk top and other applications as well. For example, it can be used to connect or extend monitors like on your television set or projectors. VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. A VGA cable […]

VGA Monitor Cable

Video Graphics Array – more commonly known as just VGA – represents the minimum standard of resolutions of color in electronic devices, especially computer monitors. It is usually the most compatible color resolution, and hence, it is the most popular among other color resolutions. The VGA is typically identified by a total of 32 colors. […]

HDTV Cables

Almost every high-definition television (HDTV) is made to accept a number of different inputs, both standard and high definition. The standard inputs can range from composite video (the red, white and yellow cords) to S-video to a basic RF cable/antenna input. The high-definition cables inputs are usually HDMI and component cables (similar to composite cables, […]

DVI-D to HDMI Cable

DVI-D to HDMI cables allow computer users to connect their computers to a high definition TV, assuming their computers are properly equipped to attach to a DVI cable. DVI stands for digital video interface, and the “D” at the end stands for digital. This kind of cord receives a digital signal only, as opposed to […]

RCA Video Cable

When it comes to connecting all your favorite electronic equipment you may need to purchase a few different types of cables and adapters to get everything working together perfectly. Many people own televisions, DVD players, receivers, VCR’s, gaming systems and cable boxes. All of these will need to be connected in some way in order […]

DVI to HDMI Cable

The DVI to HDMI cables are cables that allow you to connect a DVI enabled device to a HDMI enabled device. You may be interested in knowing exactly what each cable does. DVI stands for Digital Video Interface. Which means the cable is used to transfer digital video to components like LCD monitors. DVI cables […]

Coaxial A/B Switch

A coaxial cable is a type of electrical cable that is used in a variety of applications as a transmission line for RF (Radio Frequency) signals. This type of cable has the conductor material in its inner core and is surrounded by a tube of insulation, which is in turn surrounded by a conducting copper […]

MIDI Cable

The standard language used between electronic instruments and computerized devices is called Musical Instrument Digital Interface or MIDI. This means that an electric keyboard or guitar can exchange data with a computer. MIDI technology was first developed in the first part of the 1980s. MIDI cables are the means for which to connect the instruments […]

SATA Cable

Until recently, the Parallel ATA (PATA) interface was the most common way of connecting hard drives and CD/DVD drives to the motherboard inside a computer. It was based on the Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) interface that was introduced in 1986. Many people still refer to PATA as IDE, despite it being faster than the original […]

Patch Cable

A patch cable is an optical cable that is used two link together two separate optical devices. Patch cables vary in design but are usually rather short. Some of the shorter patch cords are no longer than three inches. On the other hand, optical cables are available with lengthier designs as well with some surpassing […]

HDMI to DVI Cable

After many years of waiting, high definition video and audio equipment is finally available at prices that most buyers can afford. High definition provides sharp and vibrant picture quality in a widescreen format, along with the capability for surround sound. The home entertainment system will never be the same again, as high definition movies and […]

Coaxial Cable

There are many types of cords and cables that can run behind a person’s television. If you are a technology junkie then chances are you have multiple cables running from one piece of equipment to another in your home. Even if you do not have a lot of electronics you may have cable television or […]

Parallel Printer Cable

Today’s printers are made to connect with computers via Bluetooth or USB connections. This is a very easy way to make printers, because virtually every computer made in the past decade has USB port. It’s an easy and standardized way to connect to connect to a computer. But before USB connections became mainstream, computers used […]

S-Video Cable

There are so many types of connections that you can use when hooking up the many components of your entertainment system that sometimes it is easy to get confused over the various cables that you are using. One of the connections that people use is known as the S-Video cable. This cable is one that […]

RCA Audio Cables

Almost anyone who has ever had to hook up multiple gaming, video, and audio systems on their television sets has probably had to deal with RCA audio cables. These cables range in length, and have three plugs on each end of the connection, and they are used as an electrical connector. You may not know […]

USB Midi Cable

A USB midi cable is something that you might need if you are planning on using your computers for musical purposes. In fact, MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, which means that your computer can easily communicate with other electronic musical instruments like keyboards, drum machines, and synthesizers directly with your computer. This is […]

Digital Coaxial Cable

The sheer amount of cable that is needed to operate an entertainment center effectively can easily cause a lot of problems and confusion. After all, the different types of cables, various configurations, and type of information that they relay, can all be a pretty confusion thing to wade through if you do not have some […]

Cat5e Cable

With all of the different types of cables that are used to hook up video and audio equipment to the average computer or entertainment center, it is easy to get confused about the different types of cables that you need. One of the cables that are most commonly used for hooking up computer network and […]

Ethernet Cords

The introduction of Ethernet was a major step forward in the advancement of computer networking. Today, an Ethernet port is a standard feature on virtually all desktop computers and laptops. Ethernet cords, hubs, and switches are used to create small networks of computers in many homes and workplaces. The cords are specially made to handle […]

USB FireWire Cable

There are many accessory cables on the market today but none causes as much confusion as the USB FireWire cable. The first assumption people make is that it allows data to be sent between FireWire and USB ports. While this type of cable would be very handy to have, it is not possible without some […]

HDMI Cable

When you are installing the components for your home theatre, it is important that your cables and connections are the top of the line so as to make sure that everything is functioning properly. When you only need cable for a shorter length, it really doesn’t make that much difference. However, there is a great […]

Computer Cables

As is usually the case with trends, they bring with them accessories and side effects that we could never imagine. Take the computer, for example, sure they allow us to process data quickly, store it securely an even browse arguably man’s greatest invention, the internet, but they also came with many side effects that the […]