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Bluetooth Helmet

The Bluetooth helmet is a very innovative device that makes talking while riding your motorcycle a possibility. The concept and design still needs some tweaking but there are already many Bluetooth helmets available. There is also the option of installing a Bluetooth headset into your motorcycle helmet but this may not always be a possibility. […]

Bluetooth Earpieces

In this era of technological advancement, Bluetooth earpieces are very common sight. It goes by different names. Some people call it a Bluetooth earpiece, while others might call it a Bluetooth headset, or a Bluetooth earphone. At the end of the day, the core product is the same. Before moving on to Bluetooth earpieces, a […]

Bluetooth Transceiver

A Bluetooth transceiver can be used to connect several Bluetooth enabled devices to your desktop or notebook so that you can use them without the need to connect them with wires or cables. Microsoft includes a mini USB Bluetooth transceiver with certain peripheral devices so you can use it to connect pocket PC’s, cell phones, […]

IOGEAR Bluetooth Adapter

IOGEAR Bluetooth Adapter is a dedicated device to enhance connectivity between various Bluetooth devices. This is a networking gadget which transforms any computer that has a working USB port, into a Bluetooth computer. This means that it will be able to interact with other Bluetooth devices within the range. The main advantage of this device […]

Bluetooth Receiver

As Bluetooth technology becomes even further ingrained into our everyday lives, we use that technology to perform an ever increasing percentage of our tasks. From talking on the phone, to listening to music, to sending GPS maps, Bluetooth technology is being used on a growing number of devices. However, most of our everyday appliances are […]

Bluetooth Transmitter

Most people have heard the word Bluetooth sometime in the last couple of years. Bluetooth has become extremely popular and many people own a Bluetooth transmitter for their cell phone. Having a Bluetooth ear piece allows you to talk on your cell phone without having to hold the cell phone to your ear at all […]

Bluetooth Handsfree

Many people have found that the technology which allows them to use a Bluetooth handsfree device is something that they greatly appreciate, especially when driving down the road while talking on the phone. One of the reasons for the recent explosion of Bluetooth technology is that it has become illegal in several countries to drive […]

Bluetooth Mouse

Given the buzz around Bluetooth technology, you may have been asking yourself what exactly a Bluetooth mouse has to offer that a regular RF wireless mouse does not. Well, the answer simply lies in the quality of connectivity in both cases. If you are thinking of adding Bluetooth to your system, then there is an […]

Bluetooth Adapter

Whether it’s about desktop computing, listening to your favorite music, or watching your favorite videos, Bluetooth technology is all the rage nowadays. Just recently, a company named Belkin has released their newly designed Bluetooth adapter. Although this Bluetooth adapter has myriads of uses, Belkin has specially designed this device to access your iPod – undoubtedly […]

Bluetooth Remote Control

Do you want a great way of remotely controlling electrical gargets from anywhere in your house? Have you considered Bluetooth remote control? Bluetooth technology has been making life a lot easier these days. Now we can manage our electrical devices and gadgets with wireless signals that are really radio frequency signals. Bluetooth has developed cutting […]

Bluetooth Headphones

One of the more popular wireless gadgets to appear in recent years is the Bluetooth headphone. The wireless headphone is not a new concept but Bluetooth provides it with many advantages over the older models. The main advantages are the clearer reception from using a digital signal and the ability to receive music from many […]

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets get a bad rap. Naysayers will complain that before the advent of Bluetooth technology, the only people who walked down the street or stepped into an elevator talking to themselves were people best avoided. But now, with small Bluetooth headsets attached to everyone’s ears, it is common to see power executives, joggers, and […]

Bluetooth Cell Phone

Bluetooth cell phones are pretty common – cell phones having become must-have accessories these days and Bluetooth being one of the most convenient ways to transfer data wirelessly. Devices communicate with each other in a myriad ways – through cables, wires and radio waves. For wireless communication, radio waves are the preferred means. Bluetooth technology […]

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

It doesn’t take long to realize that just about everyone you know either has wireless Bluetooth headphones or they plan on getting them. Gone are the days when our electronics were wired to a device that was plugged into a wall. A lot of young people today have no clue what it was like to […]

Wireless Dongle

A wireless dongle is a wonderful device that equips a computer with Bluetooth networking capabilities. Simply put, a wireless dongle makes it possible to help you network wirelessly with other devices. However, it is important that these devices also have wireless networking capabilities. Wireless networking has now become a standard with all devices; almost every […]

Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, PDA users can now easily use their handheld devices for GPS (Global Positioning System), meaning they don’t have to get lost on the highway on the way to that business meeting anymore. In the past, you could turn your PDA into a navigator, but it required bulky (and costly) appendages. Below […]

Bluetooth Keyboard

Even if you not are someone who uses a lot of technologically advanced electronic equipment, you have probably heard about Bluetooth technology. After all, everything from televisions to cell phones has Bluetooth in them now, and it is something that is working to connect all of our electronic devices. Now you can take this one […]