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Food Mixer

There are quite a few different devices that would make a great addition to your kitchen as they are very helpful with preparing food. One of the better products available is a food mixer, which is a product that is highly recommended for any home. A food mixer can be used with preparing a variety […]

Stick Blenders

The stick blender is a unique kitchen appliance that was invented by Roger Perrinjaquet of Switzerland. He patented his idea for this uniquely styled blender in 1950. By the 1960s the stick blender was used in professional kitchens in Europe. It wasn’t until the 1980s that it began to be used in the United States. […]

Battery Operated Blender

For people who love to make their own drinks on the go, a battery operated blender is a must-have. Blenders have been around for a long time, but battery operated blenders have only been a viable option for a short amount of time. Blenders require a lot of power to operate, and so portable versions […]

HealthMaster Blender

The HealthMaster Blender is a device that is manufactured by Tristar Products Incorporated. The Tristar Products Company is located in Fairfield, New Jersey and has partnered over the years with celebrities like Jack Lalanne, Rachel Hunter and Carol Alt to manufacture, distribute and brand certain health products, beauty aids, home appliances and a variety of […]

Power Blender

A power blender can be a very useful appliance to have in your home. They can be great for parties, or just for personal use, just because of the wide variety of features and uses that some blenders have. For example, you can use some power blenders to create and mix cocktails for parties. You […]

Blendtec Blenders

Over the past few years, Blendtec has been consistently bringing out top graded kitchen appliances in the market. Their products consist of blenders, mixers, parts and mills. It is also bringing out such devices for regular home use that one cannot resist the temptation of having the same results in their kitchen as that of […]

Hand Blender

The modern kitchen is equipped with a variety of electric appliances meant to make our daily lives easier by removing a lot of the effort involved in preparing certain kinds of foods. There are appliances that help us heat up our food without hassle, machines that slice and dice ingredients far better and faster than […]

Food Blender

There are many types of small appliances that one can have in their kitchen to help make food preparation and cooking easier. The food blender is just one of the appliances that you find in most kitchens today. Food blenders are great to have for anyone who enjoys making smoothies, mixed drinks or any other […]

Oster Blender

The Oster brand was first publicly established in 1924 when the company began manufacturing handheld hair clippers. The company continued to grow in popularity for the next 22 years when it finally began manufacturing home appliances. The company behind the Oster brand also purchased Stevens Electric by this time. Stevens Electric was the company that […]

Kalorik Blender

Small kitchen appliances make wonderful time-saving tools for any woman or man who loves to cook in today’s well equipped kitchen. One small appliance that is more than a frivolous wish for any good cook is a Kalorik blender. Blenders are not just for making smoothies. You can crush, blend, mix and puree all your […]

Immersion Blender

It is always nice to have a freshly blended juice within reach. Instead of buying fruit shakes or blended fruit juice outside, many people opt to create one for themselves right in the comfort of their own home especially during the hot season. This is when kitchen appliances such as food processors or blenders are […]

Kitchen Blender

Blenders are among the most common items used in kitchens across the world. They are found in both professional and residential kitchens. They are chiefly used to blend various foods and drinks to make them into a liquid or semisolid consistency. In fact, because of this, in some parts of the world, they are referred […]