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Shower Panels

If you are looking to bring a breath of fresh air into your shower system, you may wish to consider purchasing shower panels. They will typically come in various sizes, materials, and also have several different functions. Imagine if you could turn your morning shower into a relaxing and spa like experience. Taking a shower […]

Shower Radio

A shower radio is a device that is specifically designed to allow you to listen to the radio while you are showering. Although most electronic products are not recommended for use near water because they are not designed to tolerate moisture, shower radios are specifically designed to be waterproof and are perfect for those who […]

Glass Shower Enclosures

Most people spend a fair amount of time in their bathroom in the morning and at night. Because this is an area where you regularly spend time, it makes sense to make your bathroom as attractive and comfortable as possible. One of the best ways to improve your bathroom is to add a glass shower […]

Shower Tower

A shower tower is a very unique concept that is quickly getting a lot of attention. The idea behind the design of a shower tower is that a full body showering provides a better showering experience. Many shower tower designs incorporate multiple shower heads into the design, with regulators in place as well. Some models […]

Shower Filter

A shower filter is a water filter which is designed to filter the water used in showering. You will find one can be attached to the shower head. They can also attach to the pipes which connect to the shower. The way a shower filter is attached will depend on the design. There are a […]

Shower Enclosures

Most people don’t bother doing much research when looking for shower enclosures, since they assume there aren’t many things to keep in mind, in order to make a good decision. As a matter of fact, not all shower enclosures are the same, and you will a wide range of models, finishes as well as glass […]

Shower Massage Panels

If you love a good shower as much as you love a good massage, then it follows naturally you’re interested in getting a shower massage panel; after all, this is the most inexpensive way to experience a refreshing massage shower in the comfort of your own home. Choosing the right shower massage panels isn’t necessarily […]

Glass Shower Doors

Shower doors are a good investment if you’re tired of wiping the floor in tour bathroom after having a shower, since they will efficiently seal off the shower area from potential drippings. They will help preserve the fixtures in your bathroom, and they can also work together with the decoration in your bathroom, to great […]

Shower Columns

A nice hot shower can be one of the most comfortable and enjoyable experiences. If you have an old bathroom that needs to be updated you should consider going all out and fitting it with a brand new shower enclosure complete with one of the new innovative shower columns that are on the market these […]

Frameless Glass Shower Door

Shower doors typically come either framed or frameless. Framed shower doors will have aluminum framing on all sides in order to support the panels. The hinges and door handles are normally mounted on the frames. Frameless doors do not have frames and require the hinges and door handles to be mounted directly on the glass. […]

Shower Faucets

Every faucet within the bathroom will be hooked up to the house’s main water supply. This supply not only provides water to the bathroom, but the kitchen, laundry room, and outside of your home, wherever water faucets are existent. However, the shower is not connected to the other faucets in your bathroom so it will […]

Shower Pan

A shower pan is the essential flooring that is placed in all showers. It is designed to work with the draining system set up for your shower. With the proper installation, the shower pan will be able to make sure that all water is drained out of the shower properly. The common materials for shower […]