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Electric Spa Heater

The hot tub or back yard spa is a popular addition for any family home. These can be large family sized spas or small spas that are designed for only two people at a time. The spa holds hot water that is useful for relaxing in after a hard days work. Hot water can soothe […]

Infrared Bathroom Heater

For decades, bathroom heaters have been associated with mechanical noise and continual moisture-related problems. From steam entering the heater itself – often coming from a piping hot bathtub, to water splashing onto the heater accidentally, there are hundreds of potential accidents just waiting to occur in the standard bathroom heating set-up. It’s dangerous, irritating, and […]

Electric Bathroom Heater

A good electric bathroom heater can be an essential component to anyone’s home. It will keep you warm when you are dressing or when you are all wet from having just taken a bath or shower. A bathroom heater is really essential in the winter time. A bathroom heater is not only essential for your […]

Bathroom Heater

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the shower and into a cold bathroom. Yes, you could turn up your thermostat, but that heats up the entire house and raises your gas or electric bill. However, there is a solution: purchase a small bathroom heater. This way, you can step out of the shower without […]