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Stereo Receiver

Stereo receivers are electrical devices which decode signals coming from different sources into sound through headphones or speakers. They are a major part of home theater systems as they can transmit sound and video to the TV and speakers. There are lots of different kinds of stereo receivers available depending on their quality, size, coverage […]

Yamaha AV Receivers

As one of the world’s most highly regarded home audio and consumer electronics companies, it’s no surprise that Yamaha has its own range of audio and video receivers on offer. Designed to offer high quality audio to both stereo gurus and home theater viewers, the large range of Yamaha receivers on offer is one that […]

Pioneer Elite Receiver

The Pioneer Corporation released its first receiver in 1978. It is their SX-1980 receiver and it is still the most powerful receiver on the market today. Pioneer is a multinational corporation which specializes in products for entertainment purposes. The company was first founded in 1938 and the Pioneer brand is a well known brand today. […]

Stereo Receivers

It is impossible to imagine a home theater system without a stereo receiver. Even though most people have heard of or even used stereo receivers before, they are not sure about the purpose for which the receivers are used. The receivers usually work through a series of steps: For instance, at first, they “receive” signals […]

Yamaha AV Receiver

An AV receiver is another name for a home theater receiver. A Yamaha AV receiver is one of the better brands on the market. The Yamaha AV receivers are very popular with consumers. Yamaha receivers give exceptional sound quality and their reliability can not be beat. Yamaha AV receivers come in various configurations and automatic […]

Digital Media Receiver

Many households have several televisions, computers, and speaker systems. The computers are often networked together so that other members of the household can access the media stored on them. A digital media receiver makes it easy to use that media on other devices, such as televisions or speaker systems. A few of these have a […]

Onkyo Receivers

Possessing a high quality receiver is integral to any true media lover’s home theater system. While the layman might not even be able to tell you what a audio receiver is, the audiophile (and, for that matter, cinephile) will talk about audio receivers in excruciating detail if you give him or her half the chance. […]

AV Receiver

Today’s computers do so much more than simple word processing and playing games. Many people today have integrated their computers into a complete home entertainment system which means they’re connected to our stereo systems as well as our high definition television for a full home theater experience. The most important component in the mix is […]

Surround Sound Receiver

With more and more people choosing to opt out of the Friday night movie going tradition, a new alternative to long ticket lines, high popcorn prices, and crying babies interrupting the movie has emerged – the home theater system experience. While when many people think of home theaters, they think of big screen high definition […]

Dolby TrueHD Receivers

Anybody who is in the market for a sound system, whether it is for listening to music in its own right or, more commonly these days, as just one component of a multi-component home theater system, should understand the importance of having a top quality sound receiver. Sound receivers are in charge of the quality […]

Harman Kardon Receivers

Audio receivers are able to receive signals and process them so that you can listen through the speakers on your audio system. The receivers that you have installed in your car, for example, can receive audio signals or video. The systems have become a little more complex in recent years because of the progress made […]

Home Audio Receiver

Great strides have been made in home audio receiver technology. If your past time passion is to relax and listen to music, you will want to make sure you have the best stereo receiver sound system that is available today. This means that you should focus on purchasing a high quality receiver for your AM/FM, […]

Digital Audio Receiver

Many people may not realize how prevalent the digital audio receiver has become in recent years. This is in part due to the fact that the world of digital music sources has taken off in recent times. Now there are more and more people who are getting their music through MP3’s instead of through traditional […]