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Audio/Video Switchers

In the early days of television, over-the-air broadcasts were the only thing you could watch. Before long, the first video cassette recorder (VCR) appeared, followed by the first video game console. The DVD player was supposed to replace the VCR but many people still need to use both machines. Add to that the converter box […]

Phonograph Cartridge

An audio system contains a microscopic device that is responsible for reading the grooves in any CD’s that are put into the system. The device that does this is the phonograph cartridge. If this device is low quality, then the quality of the audio will suffer. This is the reason for it being important for […]

Public Address System

For live sound amplification, simple studio recording, or merely a quick musical practice session at home, a public address system is a necessity. The standard public address system – known to many, particularly those in the UK, as a ‘PA’ system – has been in use for over half a century, with both an extensive […]

Audio Shelf Systems

Basically when one talks about an audio shelf system, he refers to an audio system specially designed to be placed on a shelf or likewise flat surface. This is an important differentiation to make because it is quite the opposite of a home theater system in which you have to spread a myriad of speakers […]

Super Tweeter

Ever get the feeling that your sound system could be just a little better? Does the quality of the sound seem to be lacking something that you can’t quite put your finger on? The problem could simply be that it needs a boost in the higher frequency range. Regular tweeters produce sound right up to […]

Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter

As technology continues to advance, it becomes more and more convenient for the everyday user. Developers recognize how important space is to us, and they’re constantly inventing new ways for us to use smaller, more efficient items. A wireless audio/video transmitter is a perfect example of this, and it’s an enormously convenient device for a […]

MIDI Keyboard Controller

The main idea behind the MIDI keyboard controller is to allow performers on stage to produce and control multiple sounds, just by using one keyboard. This obviously makes performing on stage a lot easier, and the use of one keyboard to produce multiple sounds is very convenient. They are not just good for live performers, […]

Graphic Equalizer

Many people enjoy making music. For anyone who is familiar with the term graphic equalizer then you must know just how important it is to have all the proper equipment for making great music. This is not the same kind of equipment that you would use if you just enjoy playing an instrument for fun […]

Band Equalizer

Equalization, also known as EQ, is defined as the process of making use of digital algorithms or electronic elements that are passive or active, in order to alter frequency response characteristics of any given system. The electronic equipment that is used to reduce distortion in frequency is called an Equalizer. The ultimate aim or goal […]

Audio Bridge

An audio bridge, otherwise known as a teleconference bridge, is a type of equipment that is used in making conference calls over the telephone. All the connections that are a part of the call have the audio bridge as the point of termination. This creates something like a common hub where the connection and interaction […]

Watch Recorder

A watch recorder is a very cool multifunctional gadget. While a watch recorder may not compared to a watch phone, it has a lot of useful features. In comparison to a watch phone, the watch recorder is much more affordable and can be a cool toy for people with a small budget. This is not […]

Powered PA Mixer

There are several different setups available when considering PA systems and the exact combination of equipment depends on a wide array of factors ranging from one’s budget, to carry weight or available space for the actual set up. Thankfully, modern technology has made it possible to combine several crucial components of a PA system into […]

Audio Splitter

A lot of homes today have multiple electronics that require cables, cords, adapters and splitters of many types. For anyone who enjoys the luxury of having television, radio, CD players, dvd players, game systems and receivers, there are often times in which you will need to purchase the correct accessories in order to get them […]

RCA Audio Cables

Almost anyone who has ever had to hook up multiple gaming, video, and audio systems on their television sets has probably had to deal with RCA audio cables. These cables range in length, and have three plugs on each end of the connection, and they are used as an electrical connector. You may not know […]

Digital Audio Amplifiers

One of the more exciting innovations in audio equipment to come along in recent years has been digital audio amplifiers. While they don’t actually have anything to do with digital music, they provide many advantages over regular amplifiers. Choosing any new amplifier is a difficult choice and there are many features that need to be […]

AV Receiver

Today’s computers do so much more than simple word processing and playing games. Many people today have integrated their computers into a complete home entertainment system which means they’re connected to our stereo systems as well as our high definition television for a full home theater experience. The most important component in the mix is […]

Home Audio Amplifier

When people say the world amplifier they are usually either referring to those big black boxes blasting sound on the concert stage or maybe the devices installed trucks that drive through cities blaring messages. While those are, of course, examples of amplifiers, amplifiers are actually all around us. In fact, if we did not have […]

Digital Voice Recorder

There are so many uses for a digital recorder that it is hard to know where to begin. For one, they are excellent for recording classes in high school and college. Secondly, meetings are a breeze with the ability to record appointments. Just be sure no matter where you use your recorder that your boss […]

Audio Cables

When most consumers go shopping for their home theater system, they suddenly realize they are going to need audio cables to hook it up so that they can hear it. They have no idea what they should know about cables and why it is important to understand what type of audio cables they need. Some […]

Home Audio Receiver

Great strides have been made in home audio receiver technology. If your past time passion is to relax and listen to music, you will want to make sure you have the best stereo receiver sound system that is available today. This means that you should focus on purchasing a high quality receiver for your AM/FM, […]

Wireless Audio Speakers

Popularity for home theater systems has not even begun to slow down. Nothing is more frustrating than getting your new system home and being ready to start setting it up, only to be dismayed by the huge array of wires and cables that come with it. One way to cut down the clutter is to […]

Karaoke Player

So, you’re spending too much at the bar on karaoke night or perhaps they’ve kicked you out for your sub-par vocal stylings. Why not take the act home with you and purchase your own karaoke set? Not only are these great for group gatherings, they can be brought to parties, weddings, business meetings and other […]

Audio Equalizer

An audio equalizer, also known as a graphic equalizer, is a set of sliders that allows the stereo user to increase or reduce bands of sound that are on frequencies. The result is a more focused sound, with bass and treble specifications to suit the individual listener. The name from graphic equalizer comes from the […]

Home Audio System

If you have a home theater system, you might as well say you have a home audio system too. That’s because the sound system is included with your purchase of a home theater system. You can spend as little as $200 or all the way up to the thousands of dollars for your home audio […]

Digital Audio Receiver

Many people may not realize how prevalent the digital audio receiver has become in recent years. This is in part due to the fact that the world of digital music sources has taken off in recent times. Now there are more and more people who are getting their music through MP3’s instead of through traditional […]

Bluetooth Speaker

The word Bluetooth has Scandanavian roots, harkening back to the Anglicized name of the Harald Blaatland, a tenth century king of what is now Norway and Denmark. Blaatland succeeded in organizing the disparate Scandinavian tribes into one kingdom, and his namesake, the Bluetooth device, was designed to mimic him by synchronizing various communication protocols into […]