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Pioneer Equalizer

Car equalizers are basically just very efficient audio regulators. The equalizer provides the individual using it to keep the frequency bands in their car audio system regulated to the ideal levels. The equalizer will also enhance any frequencies that are received to the appropriate frequencies if necessary. It can be pretty difficult to understand the […]

Parametric Equalizer

A parametric equalizer allows you to have more control over the parameters of tone on an instrument during recording. It has knobs that allow you to manually adjust the parameters of the tone. In other words, you can fine tune the tone of an instrument with a parametric equalizer. They used to be used mainly […]

Graphic Equalizer

Many people enjoy making music. For anyone who is familiar with the term graphic equalizer then you must know just how important it is to have all the proper equipment for making great music. This is not the same kind of equipment that you would use if you just enjoy playing an instrument for fun […]

Band Equalizer

Equalization, also known as EQ, is defined as the process of making use of digital algorithms or electronic elements that are passive or active, in order to alter frequency response characteristics of any given system. The electronic equipment that is used to reduce distortion in frequency is called an Equalizer. The ultimate aim or goal […]

Audio Equalizer

An audio equalizer, also known as a graphic equalizer, is a set of sliders that allows the stereo user to increase or reduce bands of sound that are on frequencies. The result is a more focused sound, with bass and treble specifications to suit the individual listener. The name from graphic equalizer comes from the […]