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Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is the latest addition to Apple’s ever-growing arsenal of revolutionary gadgets. While it may look like a normal tablet PC at first, the iPad in reality is almost anything but one. Apple has always been one of the pioneers in the computer industry, with its series of critically acclaimed Apple Macintosh computers, […]

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is a personal music player and handheld computer. Unlike other iPods, it does not have the famous click wheel on the front. Instead, it has a large touch-sensitive screen that allows users to operate it with finger movements. The iPod Touch is also called the iTouch for short, and is often confused […]

Apple iTouch

The Apple iTouch is a portable media player and digital assistant that plays music, movies, games, music video clips, and other media. It has more features than the iPod Classic and can even access the internet. It is not a mobile phone but is often confused with the Apple iPhone because they both look similar […]

Apple iPod Nano

These days, it would be difficult to find someone who is not familiar with the Apple iPod portable music player. In a short space of time, it has become a cultural icon of the modern digital age. The iPod brand is immensely popular with all types of people, and Apple has sold millions since the […]

iPhone 3GS

The new iPhone 3GS was released for sale to the general public in July, 2009. It is the 3rd generation to the Apple iPhone line. This newest Apple iPhone incorporates the latest technology and is really three devices in one. It is a phone, a widescreen iPod and an internet device. The handset on the […]

Apple iPod

The Apple iPod was not the first mp3 player but most people think they were due to the incredible marketing team at Apple. Most people use the term “iPod” to refer to any brand of mp3 player but there are many mp3 players available so what makes the Apple iPod brand so special? The ongoing […]

Apple iPhone

If you have shopped for a new cell phone in recent years, then you may know how many different options there are to consider. One of the latest innovations in cell phone technology is the Apple iPhone. This phone was unique when it was launched because of its touch screen capabilities and the fact that […]