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Automatic Antenna Tuners

There are a number of benefits to have an automatic antenna tuner and before you decide on one it will be very important to make sure you know what you have to choose from. Since there are so many different types of automatic antenna tuners, it will be crucial to have as much information as […]

UHF/VHF Antenna Combiner

Ever since World War II there has been a tremendous growth in television broadcasting. The Federal Communications Commission had originally set aside 12 channels for television broadcasting but it had to revise its allocation and allowed up to 70 more additional channels in 1952. The first 12 channels are “very high frequency” channels and are […]

DTV Antenna

DTV, or Digital Television, is an advanced technology in the broadcasting sector that has revolutionized the television viewing experience. Since February 17, 2009, it is required by the Federal Law that all broadcasting stations broadcast only in digital format. With the advance of DTV, broadcasters have been enabled to offer better sound and quality pictures […]

HDTV Outdoor Antenna

The introduction of high definition television (HDTV) around the world has created a market for HDTV accessories, one of which is the HDTV outdoor antenna. Before rushing out to buy a new antenna, it is important to know exactly what it is, how it works, and why it is needed. After the decision to buy […]

TV Antenna Rotor

A TV antenna rotator or rotor is a device that is mounted to your antenna and operates by a motor. The device allows you to rotate or turn your outdoor television antenna much more conveniently than by climbing up on your rooftop and turning it manually. An antenna rotor should be used when television signals […]

Hidden Antenna

The function of a hidden antenna is to improve the outlook of the vehicle by the installation of this particular apparatus in the vehicles fiberglass or plastic fairing and connects to any AM/FM jack, enabling efficient radio broadcasting. They are considered to be excellent preferences when it comes to the mounting the antenna on any […]

Shortwave Antenna

Although shortwave antennas are not like ordinary radio, they are used to receive signals from specific radio stations which choose to operate on shortwave bands. As with the majority of antennas, you are best off putting the shortwave version outside and attached at an adequate height. You should also ensure that they are not in […]

Marine GPS Antenna

Before the introduction of GPS, marine navigation was done with a chart, compass and sextant. Learning how to use these instruments was an essential task for every novice sailor. It required good mathematical skills and many hours of study, but things are a little easier for sailors today. The compass and sextant are still important […]

Marine VHF Antenna

Antennas can be of many different types. The type of antenna to get may depend on the distance through which the transmission is expected to take place. It is important for boats and ships to have some form of communication with land or with other vessels, and thus the use of antennas are crucial to […]

GPS Antenna

GPS antennas are the devices that actually pick up a signal from GPS satellites. They act as the middle man between actual satellites that orbit the earth and provide information and your private GPS system, which takes that information and converts it into something you can use. Without the antenna, none of that process works. […]

FM Antenna

The most important thing to remember when it comes to FM Antennas is research. Not every FM Antenna is going to be suitable to every situation, meaning that you need to do your research and also shop around. If you live in a rural area, then you might want to think about a dipole antenna. […]

HDTV Smart Antenna

For many people a roof top antenna or an antenna that sits on top of the TV (rabbit ears) is the only way for them to receive TV programming. Cable or satellite TV may not be within their budget or their area. With many still using the older analog television sets, they find that they […]

Indoor TV Antenna

To put it simply, an indoor TV antenna works in exactly the same way as an outdoor TV antenna, except that it is not mounted onto the roof outside. The most common types of indoor TV antennas are the ones that you will find on top of a TV set. These are usually very cheap […]

Sirius Car Antenna

A lot of people these days are opting for a Sirius car radio in their automobiles. Most people love music and can not think of driving without having their radio on. A Sirius satellite radio will provide them with their favorite music at all hours of the day and night. For a Sirius car radio […]

Smart Antenna

Antenna, also called aerial, is a kind of transducer that is used to receive and/or transmit electromagnetic waves.  Explained simply, a transducer is any object, material or structure that converts one form of energy into another. In this case, an antenna converts electrical currents to electromagnetic waves in order to transmit a signal, or vice […]

RCA Smart Antenna

The change to digital television has gone well for most households, but some who are in built up areas or on the city fringes have experienced problems with their reception. An RCA smart antenna is ideal for these areas because it constantly optimizes the signal strength, regardless of the direction the signal is coming from. […]

UHF Antenna

A UHF, or Ultra High Frequency, antenna is used as a way of receiving radio or television waves. The UHF band of frequencies falls between 300 MHz and 3GHz. Lower frequencies are considered part of the VHF band, while higher frequencies fall in the SHF and EHF bands. UHF antennas have traditionally been used to […]

Indoor HDTV Antenna

While indoor television antenna may seem like a relic from the past, many people are finding them useful in getting the best HDTV picture that they can. These indoor HDTV antennas have a number of different advantages, and they will allow you to watch television without having cable. You will, of course, need a converter […]

Digital Television Antenna

If your cable TV bill is getting out of hand and you are looking for ways to cut down on your monthly expenses, why not switch over to free TV? Free digital HDTV can become a reality for you if you purchase a digital TV antenna so that you get the stunning picture quality that […]

Satellite Dish Antenna

Satellite cable first hit the market in the early 1990’s and it was difficult for everybody to afford the satellite dishes, and they were large and unweildy. Only the most die-hard of television fans and the ones who could afford it would have a satellite dish. Nowadays they are more common. Mounting hardware, subscriptions and […]

Digital TV Antenna

While it may be hard to believe, these are still people who require a TV antennae for their HDTV, and it’s estimated that between 16 million and 20 million households in the United States still use antennas to tune into local stations. Right now, cable TV is the primary mode of choice when it comes […]

HDTV Antenna

There are hundreds of free high definition television stations out there and with the right HDTV antenna you can access them all, some of which are from all over the world. In fact, after June 2009, you will have to hook your television up to digital television anyway, so why not go for the best? […]